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Is your kitchen small and you need to make the most of all the space? Is the window too low compared to the sink surface and could its opening be compromised by the presence of the tap? No problem, the solution is there! In these cases it is simply necessary to install a collapsible kitchen mixer, a concealed under-window tap or a folding tap. Discover all our proposals here: concealed under-window kitchen taps at discounted and very advantageous prices.

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Under window kitchen taps folding faucets:an excellent solution for small kitchens

To save space, it is important to choose a foldable mixer or a kitchen tap under the window!

reclining tap - folding mixers for under window taps Making even a small kitchen practical and functional is not as difficult as it seems: you just need to have the right precautions to optimize every small corner in the best possible way, avoiding to include in the furniture everything that is actually not essential.

For example, with regard to kitchen taps, you need to know that there are several solutions designed specifically for those who have this kind of problem: we are talking about taps with folding spout and mixers with retractable spout that allow you to reduce the bulk in the upper part. The sink.

Solutions for sink under the window: concealed taps

Especially in the event that a mixer must necessarily be positioned in correspondence with a window (and there are no alternatives), it is important to carefully check every detail of the faucet before proceeding with the purchase.

In this chapter of our online catalog, we therefore present to you different models of concealed under-window kitchen taps and foldable mixers, perfect for this particular need.

Concealed kitchen mixers and folding taps under the window: how they work

concealed mixer for kitchen - folding taps under the window, folding taps The main feature of an under-window mixer is precisely that of having a barrel that can be reclined laterally or in the front so as to allow full use of the tap even if positioned below a window.

A collapsible mixer under the window , on the other hand, also has the ability to rotate 90 ° so as to be positioned horizontally or parallel to the sink basin, leaving space for the window to open.

There are also some models of mixers that disappear completely, re-entering the part underneath the tap itself: they are the so-called fully disappearing mixers .

Practicality and design: kitchen taps under the window do not sacrifice aesthetics

concealed under-window mixers, under-window sink mixer The concealed kitchen taps are simple to install: their connections are standard and compatible with any plumbing system. They have a practical and articulated capacity of movement which, through fluid and continuous operations, allows to acquire more space in a simple and fast way.

All these important technical aspects absolutely do not affect the aesthetic component: this is why it is possible to find many solutions of folding kitchen taps with a refined design, both in classic and modern style, adaptable to any furniture.

Where to buy a kitchen mixer under the window

folding kitchen taps for kitchen sink under window, tap under window and concealed taps

Under-window taps and folding kitchen taps online: offers

On our e-commerce IDEEARREDO.com you can find a wide range of under-window taps of all types, specifically different models of:

- reclining mixer;
- folding mixer;
- retractable tap;
- collapsible tap.

Contact us for more information about it: we will try to understand together the kitchen mixer model that best suits your needs.

All the products in our catalog are 100% Made in Italy.
Concealed under-window kitchen taps on offer at discounted and very cheap prices!