Traditional kitchen taps

For classic kitchens we offer a wide range of antique style kitchen taps with an elegant and refined design. Retro and vintage mixers able to enhance all the furniture and at the same time make the sink area practical and functional. Choose the classic kitchen faucet that best suits your needs: wall-mounted, single-lever, with pull-out hand shower, high spout or foldable under the window.

Traditional kitchen taps -Antique style kitchen taps

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Traditional kitchen taps

Timeless elegance and refinement

brass kitchen taps - antique brass kitchen mixerantique brass kitchen taps - vintage kitchen tap Classic is a style that never goes out of fashion: it applies to everything, especially furniture.
If we talk about classic kitchen taps, for example, we immediately realize how true this is: the market, from this point of view, offers a wide range of choice.

Here we present different models of antique style taps: vintage kitchen mixers inspired by traditional, sinuous and articulated shapes but re-proposed in a contemporary key.

Oh yes, because an antique tap is not an out of fashion tap, but a latest generation mixer with great functionality that somehow recalls the typical features of a retro style of the past.

Finishes for antique taps and brass kitchen taps

Bronze kitchen taps, antique copper kitchen taps, gold taps

brass kitchen taps, retro tapsantique style taps: antique bronze taps and antique copper taps In principle, we can say that almost all kitchen mixers are made of brass, a particular alloy composed of copper and zinc which is then coated with different finishes. Brass kitchen taps are extremely resistant products, have a fairly affordable cost and a considerable duration over time.

Even if the most common models are those in a glossy chrome finish, when it comes to classic style, we see that other types of finishes are also used: we are talking about antique taps in bronze, copper or gold finish.
With these particular finishes, the kitchen taps become a piece of furniture in all respects, giving an important touch of class to the whole kitchen environment.

The ordinary cleaning of an antique brass tap

Tips and tricks

antique brass taps, antique bronze kitchen mixer All of these finishes are very resistant and, with good maintenance, do not change their appearance over the years.

The important is:

- never use abrasive sponges and aggressive chemical soaps that could damage the surface;
- carry out a correct and constant daily cleaning to avoid the formation of limescale;
- clean with soft cloths and hot water;
- always dry the object quickly to avoid the formation of limescale stains.

These procedures are fundamental for all faucets, especially for more delicate finishes such as bronze, gold, copper, brushed finishes and paints.

A little secret : the brushed finishes, having a satin surface, hide stains better.
(this does not mean, however, that they need less cleaning!).

Types of brass kitchen taps

A classic mixer for every need

copper kitchen mixer, bronze kitchen mixerantique brass tap and antique bronze tap After choosing the style of your vintage tap, it will be important to identify the technical characteristics that it must have. If you have enough space, you will have no particular limitations: you can choose between retro high-spout taps, taps with pull-out shower and wall-mounted taps in various formats and sizes.

However, in the event that the space is too little, you will have to go towards classic concealed taps suitable for installation under a window.

The taps with flower knobs are also perfect for classic kitchens.

Browse our catalog now and find the most suitable antique brass mixer for your needs among the various models proposed. 100% Made in Italy products at discounted prices.

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