Three way kitchen sink taps

A three-way kitchen faucet is the ideal solution for those who intend to install a water purification system in the kitchen or for those who need to take water from a tank. In this section of our online catalog we present some proposals of very functional three-way kitchen mixers with a refined design: choose the model that best suits your needs. Three-way kitchen taps 100% Made in Italy: discounted and very advantageous prices!

Three way kitchen sink taps - Three-way kitchen taps

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Three way kitchen sink taps

Three-way kitchen taps: technical characteristics

three-way taps - 3-way mixers A three-way tap is a particular kitchen mixer equipped with two ways for delivering hot and cold water and a third way for filtered water.

How it works: by means of the control levers positioned on the tap it is possible to modify the different output options in a simple and fast way.

IMPORTANT about three-way kitchen taps!
When buying a three-way kitchen mixer it is important to know that there are different models based on the function they will have to perform. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate each case individually to identify the specific model suitable for our needs.

To help you choose a 3-way tap, let's analyze together the individual cases that may arise.

Three-way kitchen mixer: when needed

three-way tap for purified water - three-way kitchen taps

Case 1. Water purifier: three-way taps for purifiers
A three-way tap is essential when a water purifier is to be installed in the kitchen. In this specific case, the mixer has a barrel housed inside so that the purified water never comes into contact with the surface on which unfiltered water has already passed: in this way the risk of bacterial contamination is avoided and so that the purified water remains healthy and good to drink.

Case 2. Three-way mixer for tank

Even if it is necessary to draw water from an external tank, a three-way kitchen mixer must be installed.

Case 3. 3-way taps for dishwashers
This type of mixer is also essential in the presence of a dishwasher: the only difference compared to the first two cases is that while for the purifier and the tank the tap takes the water for the third outlet, in the case of the dishwasher the tap works in the reverse direction: it does not collect, but directly distributes water to the dishwasher.

Three-way kitchen mixers: where to buy them

Three-way kitchen taps at discounted prices

On our e-shop you can find a wide range of three-way taps for purifiers and three-way kitchen taps specific for every need. Contact us for technical support: we will help you find the model that best suits your needs.