Spring kitchen tap

The spring kitchen tap are professional mixers equipped with a practical removable spout. Thanks to an articulated and elastic mechanism that guides and accompanies the various movements of the dispensing spout, the mixer with spring will be a great ally in the kitchen. Discover our offers online!

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Spring kitchen tap

spring kitchen faucet, spring kitchen faucet The spring-loaded kitchen taps are the ideal solution for all those who need to install a mixer with a removable spout.

Characterized by the particular inverted U shape, these mixers allow you to comfortably extract the hand shower and move it as needed through simple and fluid movements.

How does a kitchen tap with spring work?

These mixers are equipped with a spring inserted in the central part of the tap: it is this mechanism that guides and accompanies the movements of the shower in a fast and articulated way.

Installing a kitchen spring tap: what is important to know!
The installation of a kitchen mixer with spring requires a sufficiently large space to accommodate it, especially in the upper part. These spring mixers can therefore only be installed in a large enough kitchen that does not have particular space limitations.

Therefore, for example, they are not recommended in a kitchen where the window is too low compared to the sink surface.

The convenience of a kitchen mixer with spring lies precisely in the ease with which it is possible to extract the shower and use it: with this ally, working in the kitchen will be even more pleasant!

Spring kitchen taps offers online

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