Modern kitchen taps

Complete the decor of your kitchen by purchasing a modern tap on in this chapter of our online catalog we have selected for you a wide range of designer taps with elegant and refined lines. We offer you modern kitchen mixers with round and delicate shapes but also more rigorous models with linear and squared lines. All our products are 100% Made in Italy, guaranteed and certified by Gaboli Fratelli, a well-known Italian company that has been operating in the taps sector for almost seventy years. Discover all the offers here!

Modern kitchen taps - Cheap modern kitchen taps

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Modern kitchen taps

Modern high quality kitchen mixers

modern kitchen faucet - kitchen taps at low pricesmodern kitchen mixer, modern kitchen mixers prices Modern kitchen taps are essential furnishing accessories for the sink area of a modern style kitchen with a refined design. If it is true that the practicality of these elements is essential when you have to "work" in the kitchen and between the stoves, it is equally true that the eye also wants its part.

So yes to practical and manageable kitchen taps, but let's not forget the aesthetic component: sometimes it is the smallest and least flashy accessory that makes the difference in a given furnishing context.

Modern kitchen mixers are perfect from this point of view: they allow multiple combinations and combinations of styles and functions with the aim of guaranteeing a multifunctional sink, comfortable to use and, at the same time, beautiful to look at.

Types of modern kitchen taps: choose functionality

On only cheap, reliable and safe kitchen taps

design kitchen mixer - modern kitchen sink faucetkitchen mixer tap, kitchen taps at discounted prices On the market we find many types of modern kitchen taps: solutions designed to meet every need, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. As far as modern kitchen taps are concerned, there is really plenty of choice. In fact, it is possible to choose between different models of:

- wall-mounted kitchen taps,
ideal in industrial and minimalist style kitchens, for a clean and impactful design;

- three-way kitchen mixer,
necessary when you want to install a water purifier, connect the tap to a tank or a dishwasher;

- concealed under-window kitchen taps,
mixers particularly suitable for small kitchens, where space is limited; indispensable if there is a window that is too low compared to the sink surface;

- kitchen tap with pull-out shower or spring-loaded kitchen tap,
professional mixers that facilitate work in the kitchen thanks to the spout that can be moved as needed.

Customize your modern kitchen mixer

White kitchen taps and black kitchen taps: a perfect mix of style and technology

modern black kitchen mixer, black kitchen tapsmodern design kitchen faucet - modern kitchen sink faucetThe modern kitchen taps in our catalog are available in the classic chrome finish, but not only. We offer you different customizations with our finishes in the catalog: bronze, brushed nickel, gold and copper (although the latter are more suitable for a classic style kitchen).

One of the most requested taps of the moment is the black tap, very elegant, as well as the white kitchen mixer.

kitchen faucets prices - ideas for single lever kitchen sinkdesign kitchen taps, kitchen mixers prices All our modern kitchen mixers are 100% Made in Italy, resistant and safe, designed to last over the years and not alter with the passage of time: selected materials and constant checks are the main prerogative of the company to guarantee the customer a reliable product .

Square tap or with rounded lines? Single lever kitchen mixer or two-knob faucet?
Contact us for more information on the product that best suits your needs.

On you will find the best kitchen taps at affordable and super discounted prices.