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1. Introduction

We use the kitchen tap very often, both for washing and for cooking. On average, a kitchen mixer is opened and closed about 15 times a day. So it must be a safe and long-lasting product, as well as go well with all kitchen décor.

Unlike bathroom taps, kitchen mixers have a longer and swiveling barrel , to facilitate washing operations. In addition, they very often have the same finish as the kitchen sink. A little tip: thanks to its long swiveling spout, you can use the kitchen mixer for your laundry sink or sink.

How to choose a kitchen faucet that does not splash water on the floor, that does not get dirty with fingerprints, that opens and closes easily and that lasts many years? What criteria should you look out for when purchasing? Follow our 6-step instructions and buy your kitchen faucet on our e-commerce at the best prices on the web !

2. Choice of material and finishes

Most kitchen taps are made of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) and then coated with different finishes. Brass mixers are the most common and in demand, as they are resistant and long-lasting as well as having an affordable cost.

Tip: To make sure that the kitchen faucet is really made of brass and not plastic, pay attention to its weight, it must be heavy.

The vast majority of kitchen mixers are finished in polished chrome, satin / brushed nickel (effect of stainless steel) or bronze . Then we also find black, white, copper taps, various types of granite to match the tap to the kitchen sink.

All of these finishes are durable and retain their original appearance for many years. However, some of them are more resilient than others. Chromium is the strongest coating. However, keep in mind that its beautiful mirror chrome plating is easily stained and fingerprints such as food splashes are noticeable immediately. Arm yourself at this point with a good cleaning product to polish your kitchen faucet together with a specific cloth. If, on the other hand, you love practicality, the brushed nickel finish is for you! Its satin surface better camouflages stains, especially fingerprints.

3. Single lever or knobs?

There are two types of kitchen faucets: single-lever mixers and taps with knobs, both single-hole taps.

Kitchen faucets with knobs are traditional models with two screws on the sides of the tap spout. Today they are less popular than single-lever mixers as they are less manageable. In fact, to open the water and regulate its temperature, you have to use both hands. Kitchen faucets with knobs are preferred by traditionalist people or lovers of the classic style. The two-knob models are perfect for classic, vintage or shabby kitchens.

Single lever kitchen mixers are very convenient and therefore very popular. In fact, to regulate the flow and temperature of the water, just a hand, a finger or even an elbow is enough! And in the kitchen it happens very often to have dirty or busy hands (or hands).

The lever of single-lever kitchen mixers can be positioned at the top (usually in models with a low spout) or side (usually in taps with a high spout).

At the end we add that the kitchen taps with knobs work by means of mechanical screws or with ceramic discs, while the mixers have a cartridge inside that mixes the water.

4. How tall and long should the kitchen tap spout be?

The height of the kitchen faucet spout directly depends on the depth of the kitchen sink . If the sink is shallow, it is better to opt for a taller spout, so it will be more convenient for you to fill large bowls without splashing. If, on the other hand, you have a very deep kitchen sink, you should buy a kitchen faucet with a not very high spout.

Another important point: choose the length and shape of the mixer barrel so that the water falls into the center of the kitchen sink. However, if the jet of water comes out very close to the wall, the water could accumulate behind the sink. Or, if the mouth is too close to the outer edge of the top, the water will splash onto the floor.

For the double bowl sink , opt for a mixer with a swivel spout that will allow you to divert and direct the flow of water into one or the other bowl. However, even for a single bowl kitchen sink, a wide angle of rotation of the tap spout is nothing but an advantage.

5. Where to place the kitchen tap?

You can install your kitchen mixer directly on the sink or on the kitchen top . To do this, the sink or top must be drilled accordingly. This type of installation allows the mixer to be easily repaired or replaced if necessary.

Otherwise the kitchen faucet can be mounted on the wall , above the sink. To carry out these works, ask a specialized plumber for intervention as the tap must be connected directly to the system. The wall mounted mixer has a clean look, as well as allowing you to save space significantly.

If, on the other hand, you have the kitchen sink in front of the window, we have a solution for you also in this case. We advise you to install the " under- window mixers " or even " collapsible mixers ", which lower or fold to allow you to open or close the window.

6. How to choose the design of the kitchen faucet

For a modern kitchen , in a minimal or high-tech style, a single-lever mixer with geometric shapes will do well.

For classic kitchens (vintage, shabby chic or country style), taps with two bronze or copper knobs are perfect.

How to choose the color of the kitchen mixer? In addition to the color of the sink, the color of the kitchen handles or the predominant color of the kitchen environment in general also counts.

7. Evaluate extra features of your kitchen faucet

Today you can find on the market the latest generation taps designed to facilitate and make operations in the kitchen more comfortable.

Here are some types of modern kitchen mixers :

  • three-way kitchen mixers . They are those that provide drinking water and are therefore designed for water purification appliances. They do not need a small additional tap for filtered water to be installed separately. The 3 ways are one for cold water, one for hot water and one for filtered water; the first two are connected to the plumbing system, while the last is connected to the water purification system. In these cases, the mouth of the mixer has two holes at its end instead of just one: tap water comes out of one hole, drinking water comes out of the other hole.
  • mixers with pull-out shower . It is a faucet with a retractable flexible spout that ends with a hand shower. It is a very useful option in any kitchen. It allows you to comfortably wash fruit and vegetables or to fill pots and other containers that do not fit in the sink, but next to the countertop. In addition, the jet of the hand shower ensures quick cleaning of the sink. The hose is normally 70-80cm long.
  • professional or semi-professional taps with spring . In these cases the tall barrel is completely flexible. Spring-loaded kitchen faucets usually have a mixer fitted with a rotating holder for the hand shower.

Watch the height! Kitchen mixers with pull-out shower usually are high and therefore uncomfortable if positioned under the wall units. They are very suitable for a peninsula kitchen.

In our online store you will find a wide selection of kitchen taps of various shapes and colors . You can buy both designer kitchen mixers for a high-tech style and classic kitchen taps.

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