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If you want to replace the old bidet in your bathroom with a suspended bidet, you can take a look at the proposals in our catalog. We offer you elegant Olympia Ceramica suspended bidets that can be purchased online at cheap and very affordable prices! Choose quality and save thanks to our offers!

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Meaning of a suspended bidet

wall hung bidet A wall- hung bidet is a bathroom fixture for intimate hygiene with wall mounting. The wall-hung bidet is installed on the wall by means of the support of a frame and the aid of special brackets and bolts. This type of sanitary fixture gives the bathroom a particular elegance: thanks to its original structure, it gives the whole environment a delicate sense of lightness . The wall-hung bidets, as with all wall-mounted sanitary ware, are characterized by simple lines and delicate shapes.

A wall-mounted bidet is usually placed next to the wall-hung toilet of the same collection, taking up its design and style. So classic suspended bidets and modern suspended bidets are available.

The wall- hung sanitary bidet is produced in ceramic , normally in a glossy white color, but there are now several proposals on the market including colored bidets.

Why choose suspended bidets for your bathroom

suspended bidets The choice of suspended bidets for a bathroom is not mandatory. In some cases it is preferable to use a toilet with a built-in bidet or a toilet with a hygienic shower , which could somehow replace a bidet. However, this sanitary complement still remains a fundamental component of the bathroom.
In Italy the bidet is an accessory that is considered essential for the health of the body .

The advantage of a suspended bidet, unlike the one on the ground, is the simplicity of cleaning . In fact, thanks to the space between the ceramic of the bidet and the floor, it is much easier to clean and wash both the sanitary ware and the floor underneath.

IMPORTANT for assembly

To install a wall-hung bidet, as with the toilet, the bathroom wall must be of a certain thickness and not too thin.

This is to ensure all the stability and safety necessary to support the body weight of the person using it.

It is in fact important that the wall where the suspended bidet will be installed is made of reinforced concrete.
If the wall is too thin or made of plasterboard, a safer and more resistant counter wall must be created.

Suspended bidet measures

wall-mounted bidet The measures of the suspended bidets must be selected taking into account the area of the bathroom.

Most wall hung bidets have the following dimensions:

  • wall depth : from 520 to 560 mm. There are also wall-mounted bidets with a reduced depth of 48 cm;

  • width from 330 to 400 mm;

  • height of the suspended bidets is about 300 mm.

Bidet height suspended from the ground

The height of a bidet suspended from the ground is 42 cm . This measure is recommended and is not mandatory. In fact, the bidets can also be mounted at a different height taking into account your needs.

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wall-mounted bidet The market offers a wide variety of wall-hung bidets with a refined design: classic bidets or modern bidets available in different formats and sizes.

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