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Rimless sanitary ware represents an important novelty in the bathroom furniture sector: discover in this section of our catalog the rimless WC and bidet pairs that we have selected for you from the Olympia and Simas collections. Rimless sanitary ware (also called rimless sanitary ware) facilitate cleaning operations and save water during the unloading phase. On our e-commerce many offers not to be missed and cheap prices!

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What are rimless WC and bidet

rimless sanitary ware Rimless WC and bidet are a real revolution for bathroom furnishings. The advantages of rimless sanitary ware are indeed considerable and very important: in the following article you will find all the answers you were looking for regarding this new type of product, which is much in demand.

But let's proceed in order and let's clarify a first fundamental concept: what is meant by toilet rim? The rim of a sanitary is nothing more than the rim of the toilet, or rather the curved and hollow internal part from which the water comes out when it is drained.

Why choose rimless sanitary ware

rimless sanitary ware Below we examine some advantages of rimless sanitary ware and therefore the reasons why it is worth buying them.

First of all it is important to know that, after each discharge, a small amount of water always remains in the internal part of the sanitary rim which becomes, for this reason, a fertile and predisposed place for the development of bacteria.

Without rim, therefore, this possibility is no longer valid.

rimless sanitary ware Furthermore, cleaning the rim thoroughly can be quite inconvenient: reaching the curved part of the sanitary ware requires more maneuvers and, consequently, more time.

A pair of rimless bathroom fixtures therefore means greater hygiene and faster cleaning .

Another important point: water saving .

The flushing of a rimless toilet is able to rinse the internal part of the ceramic accurately, reaching every part of the sanitary fixture: in this way, further rinsing is avoided.

In addition, the rimless bathroom fixtures reduce the formation of splashes.

Furthermore, the unloading of rimless bathroom fixtures is quieter than that of traditional sanitary fixtures.

Rimless flush-to-the-wall sanitary ware, rimless suspended sanitaryware and floor-mounted rimless sanitary ware - Different installation possibilities

rimless sanitary ware Nowadays, rimless sanitaryware models can be found in all their types, whether suspended, on the ground or flush with the wall. If you need to renovate the bathroom and want to replace the old traditional sanitary ware with a pair of rimless toilets and bidets, know that you can do it! In fact, on the market there are both solid and stable rimless sanitaryware models (sanitary ware adjacent to the wall with ground installation), and rimless suspended sanitaryware models, with wall mounting.

The rimless sanitary ware can be easily adapted (but always ask your trusted plumber!) To any kind of drain without requiring special breakage of tiles and floors.

Couples of rimless sanitary ware on IDEEARREDO.com: offers not to be missed

On our e-shop we offer you a wide selection of pairs of rimless sanitary ware certified and guaranteed by the Olympia and Simas brands . You can buy them online at discounted and very affordable prices!