Floor standing bidet

Are you looking for a floor mounted bidet? In this catalog you will find various solutions by Olympia Ceramica at very affordable prices. Bidet with an original design, classic or modern, flush with the wall to match any furnishing context.cleardot.gif Choose the model that best suits your needs from the online offers in our catalog.

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Choice of flush-to-the-wall bidets

The flush-to-wall bidet in Italian culture is considered a fundamental accessory for our daily hygiene .

Combined with a vase from the same line, a bidet, in addition to being a practical and functional object , has become at the same time a piece of furniture in all respects.

Trends and designs, in fact, have evolved over the years and today offer a multitude of solutions for every bathroom furniture .

In this section of our online catalog we want to focus in particular on the flush-to-the-wall bidet .

As can be seen from the name itself, this type of sanitary fixture provides for ground installation with assembly flush with the wall.

This results in some important advantages: greater stability and robustness , as well as ease of installation .

Floor mounted bidet

Shapes, colors and sizes of back to wall bidets

The choice of a flush-to-wall bidet is obviously linked to that of the flush-to-wall toilet . Usually these two accessories are installed next to each other.

As for the choice of shapes, shades and sizes of the floor mounted bidet, it is clear that this will depend a lot on personal tastes.

However, in the case of small bathrooms , the dimensions of the bidet play a fundamental role.

Bidet taps

There is also a huge choice for bidet taps.

The advice is to buy the same collection for the whole bathroom: therefore, preferably, the same line for the basin mixer and the bidet faucet.

There are single-hole bidet taps, but also more original solutions, those of 3-hole bidet taps .

In the bathroom, as in the other areas of the house, maintaining the same common thread is very important.

Discover our "bidet faucet " proposals on IDEEARREDO to combine it with your flush-to-the-wall bidet.

Bathroom renovation in sight?

If you need to renovate the bathroom it is important to pay attention to the choice of new bathroom fixtures. To optimize work and time it will be important to make appropriate considerations.

Bidet prices

IDEEARREDO.com offers you different floor mounted bidet models on offer at discounted prices and adaptable to any furnishing context.

Discover the best proposals for classic or modern flush- to-the-wall bidets by Olympia Ceramica .