Ceramic toilet cistern

The drain system is one of the most important aspects in setting up a bathroom. Choosing whether to apply a system with an external or built-in toilet cistern also influences the choice of design, but also on economic convenience and water saving. The external cistern is the ideal choice for those who love classic style, but also ease of maintenance and cleaning.

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Types of waste cisterns

external toilet flush cistern in ceramic The bathroom waste cisterns are different and the choice of bathroom furniture is not dictated only by the bathroom fittings, accessories, mirrors, accessories or lighting. The functionality of a bathroom also depends on the drain system and the plumbing. One of the first choices to make is between a built-in waste system and a traditional one with an external cistern . In the case of an external cistern, it is necessary to choose between the high toilet cistern or the backpack cistern - attached or detached from the suspended or wall-mounted sanitary fixture. The choice must also be oriented on the basis of water saving and drainage capacity. The most common exhaust systems are:

  • Concealed toilet flush cistern;

  • External drain box;

  • Single flow cistern;

  • Double flush cistern.

The recessed cisterns are those that are placed inside the wall on which the toilet rests and are adopted as a space-saving solution in a bathroom with a modern and discreet design and help to reduce water consumption. Easier to maintain are traditional external cisterns to be positioned above or close to the toilet and which in the event of problems or malfunctions are easier to reach and repair or replace. The flush mechanism that activates the toilet flush depends on the type of cistern and is included in the cistern. There are usually two unloading mechanisms:

  • Traditional with a single button;

  • With two water-saving buttons for flush mounting plates.

Why choose an external ceramic toilet cistern

backpack crates Toilet cisterns are also distinguished by their location. They can be installed outdoors both at the top and as a "backpack" - that is, above the toilet - and are usually ideal from an aesthetic point of view for those who decide to furnish the bathroom in a classic nineteenth-century, English, retro, vintage or early nineteenth century style. .

Traditional ceramic external toilet cisterns are recommended for those who do not want to carry out masonry work in case of renovation or renewal of the bathroom and plumbing. If the cistern is fixed to the wall halfway above the toilet it is a backpack cistern and they are the most popular for their low cost and ease of installation. They have a rectangular shape with rounded edges in the standard measures of 38 cm wide, 40 cm high and 13 cm deep. Regarding the materials , the external boxes can be made of plastic or ceramic. Plastic waste cisterns tend to be chosen for their reduced noise pollution, in fact, they produce less noise when filling after each discharge.

The external toilet cistern is obviously visible and bulky, the pipe that connects it to the sanitary is exposed and in sight , therefore it is often preferable to place it at the top at a height of 2 meters. If you combine it with a chain drain control , you get a perfect retro style that gives personality to the bathroom furniture. The alternative to the chain is the wall button with pneumatic control. In any case, the capacity of the external wall cisterns is between 3 and 6 liters with anti-condensation insulation system. In summary, the advantages of an external ceramic cistern are:

  • Low costs;

  • Ease of maintenance and repair;

  • Practicality in replacement;

  • Ease of cleaning.

However, apart from the encumbrance that can penalize small spaces, despite being visually relevant, the external waste cisterns adapt to any type of bathroom and furniture, as well as being easily combined with a traditional and classic stylistic choice.

Backpack cisterns for an elegant bathroom

high external toilet flush cistern in ceramic Another type of external toilet flush cistern is that which is usually placed just above the toilet itself and which makes it even more practical and easier to clean and maintain. This type is called backpack box .

A very trendy variant that allows the connection pipes to be “hidden” from view is the sanitary fixture with the built -in cistern or the cistern that is attached to the toilet. These are compact sanitary ware, whose installation is recommended if there is not enough space to place the cistern at the top, or in bathrooms located in attics with sloping roofs, or in particular structural conditions. Furthermore, this type of sanitary fixture with built-in cistern can only be installed on the ground and flush with the wall, not allowing freedom of choice in styles. However, the producers manage to make it a design and elegant sanitary ware thanks to the search for different shapes and materials: square, rectangular, oval, in white or colored ceramic to be able to combine it with any style of furniture.

The rucksack toilet cisterns can become real furnishing accessories for an elegant bathroom when they are combined and coordinated with other bathroom design elements.

High external toilet cistern in ceramic, important for a classic toilet

The classic-looking bathroom fixtures are ideal for elegantly furnishing retro-style environments that give the environment a romantic, old-fashioned, refined dimension. The classic style is timeless and yet manages to combine with the highest technology. The tall external cisterns in ceramic are able to convey an elegant allure to the environment. Combined with a tap with romantic lines, the classic and elegant style is enhanced by the finishes and details in ceramic, glass or crystal. The toilet equipped with a vertical and external high water cistern is reminiscent of tradition, the exposed pipe and the flushing mechanism with knob, lever or chain makes the environment fascinating and authentically vintage. Thus, the drain recalls the past and the Victorian or Provençal style that recalls Art Nouveau. Classic sanitary ware are usually made of ceramic with a glossy finish with wooden toilet seat that reminds, once again, of classic English productions.

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