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When choosing bathroom taps, don't forget to order siphons and drains! Fairly standard and less visible than mixers, but just as important!

On this page we offer you both basic and traditional products of the Siphons and Drains category, as well as the more particular and design ones, including siphons and Black matt drains, to be combined with the Nero Opaco mixers.

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Before talking about the right drains for your sink, let's see what the overflow hole is.

The overflow hole is located in the inner wall of the sink a few centimeters lower than the rim. It serves, as its name also explains, to let excess water go out into the water drain, so that it does not overflow from the sink. Let's say that the operating mechanism of the overflow follows more or less that of a bathtub.


In some countries (just think of the Anglo-Saxon ones) the sink is filled first, then the water is turned off and washed. In this case the overflow performs its primary function, that is to normalize the water level.

Some models of bathroom sinks , due to their technical particularities or dictated by the design, do not have an overflow hole . In fact, bowl washbasins, which are very often designed, do not have an overflow.

But be careful: if you leave the water in the sink open (at medium pressure) while the drain is closed and you leave the bathroom, after a while you risk finding it flooded: the overflow is not suitable for holding such a high volume of water!

So, which drain to choose for your sink?

  • Washbasin with overflow = drain with overflow
  • Washbasin without overflow = drain without overflow

This is the basic formula that will guide you in choosing the right model of the drain plug.

The overflow of the drain would be those "windows" which then allow the passage of the water overflowed into the overflow hole of the sink.

The drain without overflow instead is the model without any hole, almost a simple metal pipe.

Remember that the incorrect choice of the drain plug could lead to water leaks under the sink.

In order not to be mistaken, there is always the possibility to choose the universal drain . This drain plug is also suitable for thicker countertops (washbasins in thick materials or bowls mounted on a countertop).

In addition, the Italian Gaboli Fratelli taps also offers a drain suitable for public environments : it has a free drain and always remains a little open to avoid flooding.

In this section you will also find siphon drains for the shower .

The shower cap can be ordered in a chrome, gold, bronze finish.

Hydraulic siphons


The siphon is an accessory of the bathroom faucet that carries the waste water from the sink or bidet to the plumbing system.

Buy the siphon suitable for your bathroom on You can choose from various models of traditional siphons, decorative siphons and even black siphons, the latest additions to the hydraulic siphon family.

Traditional siphons

You can opt for traditional siphons, if they will be mounted, and therefore hidden, inside the bathroom furniture. In these cases, economic models are also good, those with them or bottles (furnishing siphons usually cost more). The names of these models (S-shaped siphon and bottle siphon) specify and describe the shapes of the siphons. We recommend the bottle siphon which, in case of need (for example, a dropped ring of the sink drain), can be opened and inspected. One important thing: the traditional siphons, although they are cheap products from Gaboli Fratelli, are still made of brass, a safe and long-lasting material for your bathroom.

Furnishing siphons

The exposed sink siphon is increasingly sought after due to the growing popularity of the bowl sink + shelf combinations. In these cases, an aesthetic siphon is a must. Choose the siphon in line of the bathroom taps between square siphons, siphons with round lines and classic siphons. The decorative siphons, like the bathroom taps, are made of chromed brass, but are also available in Bronze, Gold and Copper finishes.

From us on you can also buy black siphons online, to match your Nero matt bathroom taps.