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Our square shower trays are available in different sizes: from small models designed for small bathrooms, to large ones designed for super spacious bathrooms. Discover here all the square shower tray proposals that we have selected for you: 100% Made in Italy products at super affordable prices. Safe and fast sales service: take advantage of our online offers now.

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Chosen above all for their practical and functional structure, the square shower trays are among the most common models: they adapt perfectly to any furnishing context, from modern and contemporary bathrooms to classic style bathrooms.

Square shower tray measures

square or rectangular shower tray The available sizes are many and can satisfy every stylistic and space requirement: from the square shower tray 70 x 70 cm, the square shower tray 80x80 or the square shower tray 75x75, to the larger sizes such as the square shower tray 90 x 90, the square shower tray 100x100 or square shower tray 120x120.

Types of square shower trays: installation

In addition to the shape of the shower tray, the technical aspect linked to the type of installation deserves a lot of attention: in fact, the choice of the piece is often determined above all by the type of floor and the type of work that needs to be done.

Square flush-to-floor shower trays (built-in shower tray) and countertop shower tray
For example, installing a flush-to-floor shower tray requires more care than installing a classic standard shower tray with riser.

The latter, on the other hand, represents the most practical and fastest solution; in this specific case, the drain siphon is installed horizontally with respect to the top, without requiring any special interventions (a step of at least 5 cm will still be visible).

Alternatively, there is the countertop shower tray, which is also easy to install on a flat surface: this model requires a vertical drain siphon.
It is placed directly on the ground and its rise can be even lower than 5 cm.

A square flush-to-floor shower tray (or built-in shower tray), on the other hand, is a solution that must be built into the ground. Also in this case the drain siphon is vertical. This model is recommended both in newly built bathrooms and in the case of renovation.

Materials: square resin shower tray, ceramic or acrylic

corner or square shower tray Also as regards the materials, there is plenty of choice.

The square ceramic shower tray is certainly one of the most requested models: solid and robust, it is also very convenient from an economic point of view. However, it is a rather heavy product, so it is not very easy to handle.

The acrylic shower trays are an excellent alternative to the ceramic tray: in addition to being very affordable in terms of price, they are also extremely light and easy to install.

It is only necessary to be very careful not to use too aggressive products during ordinary cleaning.

Then there is the square resin shower tray
Resin is usually used in the creation of a slim and thin square shower tray: being a durable and very resistant material, it is now chosen as an alternative to the classic square ceramic shower trays.

Where to buy a square shaped shower tray

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