Shower tray 70x90

The shower tray is an indispensable piece of furniture for the shower cabin: today you can indulge yourself in choosing the piece thanks to a wide range of products available in different materials and sizes. Specifically, in this section of our online catalog, we present the 70x90 shower tray: find out how to combine it with your bathroom furniture!

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Shower tray 70x90

The 70x90 shower trays are very popular products: these models, in fact, combined with the right shower enclosure, can be installed without particular problems or limitations, even in small and narrow bathrooms.

The 70x90 shower trays, essential for our daily hygiene, are therefore practical and functional furnishing accessories, because they can be adapted to any furnishing context. Moreover, thanks to sophisticated and increasingly innovative designs, they will be able to give the whole environment a touch of elegance ... because, you know, even the eye wants its part!

On the other hand, a good quality product is nothing more than the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics!

Choose a 70x90 shower tray

When we have to buy the shower tray for the bathroom, there are many variables to consider: space and sizes, formats, finishes and materials. The right combination of these components will allow us to create a bathroom that is practical and elegant at the same time.

We can say that the elegance of a bathroom will also greatly depend on the type of shower tray we are going to choose.

Shower trays 70x90: choose the material

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the market today offers different models of rectangular shower tray 70x90 with a refined design and new cutting-edge materials designed to meet any stylistic need.

70x90 ceramic shower trays
economic shower tray 70x90, ceramic shower tray 70x90 Ceramics are certainly the first thing we think about when it comes to bathroom furniture materials. On the other hand, this material has always characterized most of the bathroom accessories. Although new material solutions have been launched on the market, ceramic shower trays still remain a timeless classic.

Resin shower trays 70x90
shower tray 70x90 how much it costs, change shower tray 70x90 offer The resin shower trays are characterized by some very important technical characteristics: they can be very thin and therefore perfect to be installed flush with the floor, they can be customized in different finishes or effects (such as the marble resin 70x90 shower tray with stone effect or marble effect) , they can also be cut and modified to fit any space.

These shower trays, composed of resin and a particular mixture of materials, are covered with gelcoat, a protective material that guarantees a longer life over the years.

70x90 acrylic shower trays
Acrylic is also a latest generation material with excellent aesthetic-functional properties: the acrylic shower trays are light and very thin, they adapt to any space, are well resistant to shocks, scratches and color variations and give a very pleasant to the touch.

Shower tray offer 70x90: lots of ideas on our e-shop

semicircular shower tray 70x90

Shower tray 70x90 discounted prices
Discover on our online catalog the various solutions of 70x90 shower trays that best meet your needs: ceramic shower trays 70x90, rectangular slim shower tray 70x90 flush with the floor or curved shower tray 70x90.
You will undoubtedly find the model that best suits your furniture.

Here we present shower trays of all types to be customized with different finishes and original nuances.