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Are you looking for a new resin shower tray for your bathroom? Discover here our proposals for resin shower trays 100% Made in Italy. Extremely functional, elegant and durable products over time. Do you prefer a stone effect or marble effect resin shower tray? On you are spoiled for choice! Buy the model that best suits your needs and make your bathroom furniture perfect. Cheap and super discounted prices!

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Resin shower trays: stryle and functionality in the bathroom

resin shower tray opinions - resin shower trays Our e-commerce IDEEARREDO offers a wide range of resin shower trays with an elegant and refined design. Innovative solutions for classic and modern bathroom furnishings that combine excellent technical-qualitative properties with a truly captivating and sophisticated aesthetic.

Resin or ceramic shower tray? The advantages

resin shower tray prices - resin shower trays The resin shower tray is composed of a mixture of resin combined with other mixtures of materials, covered with a protective layer of gelcoat that guarantees excellent durability over time.

Very trendy, and above all very popular in recent years, this model is often chosen as an alternative to the classic ceramic shower tray for some of its important features:

- it is easy to work, it can be particularly thin and therefore suitable for installation flush with the floor;
- allows a wide choice of finishes and colors (very popular for example marble effect or stone effect shower trays);
- it is mass-colored and, therefore, restorable in the original color in case it should chip or scratch.

In this chapter of our online catalog we propose different types of resin shower trays such as:

- square shower trays;
- rectangular shower trays;
- stone effect shower trays;
- marble effect shower trays.

Our models are available in an ultra-flat version and with heights ranging from 2.5 to 6 cm, which can therefore be installed both on the floor and on the floor.

There is also a wide choice of dimensions: there are standard sizes 70x70, 80x80, 90x90, 70x90, 80x90 but also large sizes up to 160 cm.

Custom resin shower trays

resin shower tray made to measure In many cases you can also cut and modify the piece according to your needs in order to adapt it to particular situations.

Cleaning resin shower tray

These shower trays, being made in many colors and finishes compared to the classic ceramic models, require greater care in the choice of cleaning products.

We only recommend the use of neutral, delicate and non-acid detergents combined with abundant water.
Only use soft sponges or cotton cloths.

resin shower trays buy online - resin shower tray prices IMPORTANT : avoid that the plate comes into contact with chemicals such as hair dyes or enamels which could alter the color by releasing stains on the surface.

We ship our shower trays in just a few days using an accurate and meticulous double packaging to allow the piece to travel in complete safety. In any case, our products travel insured.

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