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The rectangular shower tray is a perfect solution for the classic and modern bathroom. Available in different sizes and finishes, this type of shower tray allows for a spacious and very functional shower area. Find out on our online catalog 100% Made in Italy rectangular shower trays: discounted and very affordable prices! Take advantage of our offers now.

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The rectangular shower tray is a very functional piece of furniture that allows you to create comfortable and extremely practical shower areas. The dimensions of its structure allow it to be installed in any type of space.

Rectangular shower tray measures

rectangular shower tray measures - rectangular shower trays prices Before choosing the shower tray for our bathroom, however, it is good to make some evaluations; there are in fact some fundamental aspects to analyze before proceeding with the purchase:

- the available space;
- the style and design of the bathroom furniture;
- personal taste;
- the available budget.

The market offers the possibility of evaluating many solutions, but it is up to each of us to identify the most suitable model in relation to these four factors.

On IDEEARREDO you can find different proposals of economic rectangular shower trays made of different materials and available in many different sizes.

Flush-to-the-floor, built-in or rimmed shower trays, rectangular resin, ceramic or acrylic shower trays: make the right combination!

Rectangular shower trays dimensions

In the traditional bathroom, the installation of a rectangular ceramic shower tray is often suggested. As for the modern bathroom, you can also opt for cutting-edge and innovative solutions such as slim flush-to-floor shower trays in acrylic or resin.

rectangular shower trays measures Whatever the material of the shower tray, it will always be possible to choose from a wide range of sizes: from the smallest models to large rectangular shower trays.

The most common models are:

- the rectangular shower tray 60 x 100
- the rectangular shower tray 70x120 or 70 x 140
- the rectangular shower tray 70x90
- the 70x90 slim rectangular shower tray
- the rectangular shower tray 70 x 140
- the rectangular shower tray 70 x 110 or 70 x 80
- the rectangular shower tray 70 x 80

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We have selected for you a wide range of rectangular shower trays with a refined design signed by the best Italian companies in the sector.

Contact us for a quote. You can shop on in complete safety through secure payments. Fast and insured shipping.