Quadrant shower tray

The semicircular corner shower tray is a solution often referred to as "space saving", ideal for optimizing space in small bathrooms. Thanks to our corner shower trays, available in standard sizes and more, you can create a practical and functional relaxation area with a refined design. Discover prices and offers here! On IDEEARREDO only 100% Made in Italy products. Make your online purchase now!

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The shower tray is a furnishing solution that is often preferred to the bathtub: both because taking a shower is much faster and more practical than having to fill a bathtub, and because the latter requires a larger footprint and therefore a lot of space to provision (which not everyone is lucky enough to have!).

So, if we should describe the characteristics of a shower enclosure in a few words, we could define it: practical, functional and comfortable.

Quadrant shower tray: the perfect solution for small and narrow bathrooms

semicircular shower trays 75x90 - semicircular shower trays measures Unlike those who have a large bathroom that allows them to indulge themselves with the furniture and the size of the various accessories, in small bathrooms it is important to evaluate with great care and attention even the smallest space available.

In these cases it can often be very useful to install a corner shower enclosure that saves a lot of surface, while at the same time ensuring the possibility of recreating a spacious and comfortable shower area.

In this regard, we want to present our wide range of corner shower trays, perfect for this type of situation: discover all the models available on our online catalog by taking advantage of our advantageous offers.

Semicircular corner shower trays: colors and finishes

corner shower tray measures for corner showers The furniture market is constantly evolving and always offers us innovative products from every point of view. Also with regard to corner shower trays, the solutions are many: on our e-shop you can find every type of product, from the classic semicircular ceramic shower trays to the corner shower trays in resin or acrylic, new materials with excellent technical properties qualitative.

These new materials also allow for a wide range of finishes and colors available: marble or stone effect shower trays, black or colored shower trays and many other original solutions designed for the design bathroom.

Angular shower tray measures

shower trays low prices Wide choice of sizes as well: our shower trays are available in both standard and smaller sizes.

Standard shower tray sizes:
- corner shower tray 80x80 cm;
- corner shower tray 90x90 cm;
- shower tray 100x100 cm;
- semicircular shower tray 90x90 cm;
- semicircular shower tray 80x80;
- semicircular shower tray 80 x 100.

Small corner shower trays measures:
- asymmetrical semicircular shower tray;
- semicircular shower tray 70x70;
- corner shower tray 70x70;
- corner shower tray 75x75;
- semicircular shower trays 70x70.

The heights of the shower tray can vary from 2.5 cm to 6 cm.

Discover all our corner shower tray models and make your online purchase by taking advantage of our advantageous offers: we guarantee you the lowest prices on the web.