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Acrylic shower trays have the particularity of being very thin; they are often installed flush with the floor and do not leave the typical rise of ceramic shower trays visible. If you too want to buy an acrylic shower tray, take a look at the proposals on this page: IDEEARREDO offers a wide range of 100% Made in Italy acrylic shower trays with a refined design. Prices? Obviously discounted and very affordable!

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acrylic or ceramic shower tray - acrylic shower tray prices Until recently, ceramic shower trays were the protagonists of the shower enclosure. Today, however, following the development of new trends in the furnishing sector, the market has launched, also for the shower area accessories, new materials with particular technical / qualitative properties which have somehow replaced ceramic.

First of all, the acrylic shower trays, innovative latest generation products that have evolved and improved over time, which have immediately found wide use in the modern and contemporary bathroom.

Although ceramic is still a very valid product, the acrylic shower tray is certainly a much more functional alternative, thanks to its excellent characteristics, both from an aesthetic, practical and functional point of view.

The advantages of an acrylic shower tray

Acrylic shower trays have excellent technical / qualitative properties that make them perfect for any type of installation:acrylic shower tray views - acrylic material

- these shower trays are particularly light;
- they have a thin thickness ideal for installation flush with the floor, which also eliminates the classic ceramic step (which for technical reasons cannot have a height below a certain limit);
- they can adapt to any space;
- they are resistant to scratches and bumps, yellowing and color variations;
- they are very pleasant to the touch (they do not give the sensation of cold to the touch like ceramic);
- they are easy to maintain, do not attract dirt and can be cleaned simply with hot water and a soft cloth, without aggressive soaps;
- they maintain a shiny appearance over time and can also be polished to restore the original aspect to the piece (but often there is no need!).

Another important aspect concerns the non-slip surface.
Although very smooth, an acrylic shower tray has an excellent grip with respect to the skin, thus avoiding slips and bad falls.

In addition, acrylic allows you to create aesthetically perfect products at a lower price than those in ceramic or resin.

Lay acrylic shower tray

acrylic shower tray installation - acrylic shower tray assembly As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the acrylic shower tray, being very light, is very easy to install: its installation does not require special processing and its composition allows it to adapt to the shape of any shower area.

The acrylic shower trays have a thickness of about 3 or 4 centimeters and their installation is recommended not only as a first installation, but also in the case of bathroom renovation.

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