Shower tray

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Shower tray

The shower tray is a fundamental element of the shower area. For this reason it is good that it is a safe and high quality product , non-slip, sturdy and resistant, and why not ?, also simple and quick to clean!

Choosing a shower tray is very easy, whether it is a new bathroom, and therefore a first installation of the shower tray, or in the case of a bathroom renovation or a replacement of the shower tray.

Let's find out together the most important features of this accessory and let's carefully analyze the aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing.

Shower trays

Sizes and formats shower trays

The choice of a shower tray is closely linked to that of the shower box , which in turn will greatly depend on the space available in the bathroom.

In fact, several important aspects depend on this, such as the shape and size of the shower tray, but also the type of opening of the shower enclosure doors.

Once these components have been precisely defined, which in the case of large bathrooms have no particular limitations, we can proceed to choose our shower tray.

This piece of furniture is available in different forms, in fact there are on the market:

  • square shower trays;
  • rectangular shower trays;
  • round and corner shower trays;
  • circular shower trays;
  • custom shower trays.

Size shower trays

The dimensions also offer a wide margin of choice: large-format shower trays for spacious bathrooms or more modest solutions for small bathrooms.

In addition to the standard-sized models, it is also possible to request custom-made shower trays and special sizes.

Shower trays

Flush-to-floor, recessed or countertop shower trays

Regarding its installation, a shower tray offers three different possibilities:

installation support: in this case the shower tray is placed directly on the ground remaining raised with respect to the floor. A solution particularly suitable when there are problems with the slope of the drain : in this way, in fact, it is possible to exploit the height of the piece to ensure the right slope to the drain pipe.

recessed installation: a recessed shower tray is only partially inserted into the screed , leaving a slight step.

installation flush with the floor : it is the most innovative and modern solution, mainly suitable for bathrooms in a minimalist style. By becoming one with the floor , in fact, and leaving no rise. In this way the shower tray gives the whole bathroom an elegant, simple but captivating design at the same time.

A touch of color in the shower! Rectangular colored shower trays

To furnish the bathroom in an alternative way, you can also choose a colored shower tray .

Although white ceramic remains one of the most popular musts, it is not uncommon to find bathrooms with colorful shower trays with an elegant and sophisticated design.

Also in this case the choice is very wide: black shower trays, also available in lighter shades such as gray, mocha, anthracite and beige.

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