Walk-in shower box

In recent years, the shower space has undergone several evolutions and the transformation from an enclosed space to an open space was the major change.

When we talk about an open shower, or walk in shower, we mean a shower area not closed on the sides designed in such a way that there are not all four walls around but that at least one of the sides remains free.

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Walk in shower enclosure, an open shower for a trendy bathroom

walk in shower The total protection determined by the hinged or sliding doors that close thus leaves room for a free entrance. It is an ideal installation for those who want to enhance the minimal design.

If you have decided to create a bathroom with a walk in shower, know right away that your bathroom will be a design and modern room that will capture the attention of anyone who enters it.

You can choose between two different construction methods. In fact, you can opt for a box walkin shower corner when there is a need to fix the shower in a corner of the bathroom. In this case, a glass or masonry wall must be created; in the first case there will be greater transparency and the sensation of an open shower without doors will be greater, while in the masonry solution the bathroom will be smaller. In the case of installation of a glass walk-in shower, this will be supported by metal wall brackets on the opposite side or you can decide to put the open shower flush with the floor with the glass up to the ceiling. This solution with the fixed glass wall requires fixing with U-shaped profiles to the ground in the ceiling and in the wall.

You can then decide to create a walk shower along a straight wall of the room. In this situation you can use a very large glass plate and stop it parallel to the bathroom wall while keeping the two narrow sides of the walkin shower wall open to enter from two different areas. For this type of shower, a very large space will be required to be dedicated to the walk-in shower enclosure .

Walk in shower pro and con views

walkin shower wall We understand that a walk-in shower i n you enter without having to scroll or open any ports. A shower area where you are not closed between 4 walls has very obvious advantages:

  • very large spaces;

  • minimal design;

  • simplicity to access;

  • possibility of helping children or the elderly to wash;

  • little maintenance concerning gaskets and hinges, sometimes nothing;

  • convenience for cleaning;

  • low costs;

  • little risk of breaking the walk- in shower glass compared to the traditional shower enclosure.

As for the disadvantages, we can name the construction times which are higher than a classic shower enclosure and if the installation is not done in a workmanlike manner, there is a risk of stagnation and infiltrations.

The installation of a walk-in shower is preferable in larger bathrooms with a window as in a smaller bathroom with little ventilation it would not be possible to guarantee good ventilation.

Walkin shower measures

walk in shower box But what are the minimum dimensions for a walk in shower ?

Usually to avoid splashes this kind of shower is preferable to be made in a rectangular shape trying to maintain a depth of no less than 70 cm and for the length to remain at least 90 cm. You can also choose to insert a brick seat inside the walk shower enclosure but in this case you will need a wall that has a length of at least 160 cm otherwise access to the shower would not be easy.

As for the walk-in shower wall, its minimum height must reach 210 cm even if usually not all this height is used to allow the air to circulate and quickly exhaust the water vapor. We talked about the showers installed along the straight wall of the room; in this case it will be necessary to dedicate large dimensions to the shower area and even if the possibilities start from models of the size of 70 cm, it can also be up to 170!

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