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Shower enclosure with sliding door

A shower enclosure with sliding shower door is a piece of furniture with a dual function: in fact, in addition to making the shower area in the bathroom rather comfortable and practical to use (especially when there is not enough space for the external opening of one door), at the same time enhances the whole environment thanks to an original and high-impact design. In this chapter of our online catalog we have selected several models: choose the sliding shower box that best suits your needs. Advantageous offers and discounted prices for high quality sliding shower doors : take advantage of them now!

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The convenience of a sliding shower door: the first requirement is comfort

sliding shower door To date, the market has many models of boxes with sliding shower doors ; precisely for this reason, before buying one you have to evaluate all the possibilities.

If you are renovating your old bathroom or planning one, the first thing you need to think about is the practicality and comfort of the items you will choose to buy. Precisely for this reason, opting for a box with a sliding shower door is a winning choice because it will allow you to have a comfortable bathroom without the encumbrance of the shower doors. These, in fact, open as their name implies, sliding and have a hermetic seal so as not to risk wetting the room.

By choosing a sliding shower box you will have a bathroom that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional, but above all with more space available.

What are the advantages of a sliding shower enclosure?

sliding shower door 120 As we have already said, when you have a bathroom with small enough surfaces, choosing to buy a sliding shower enclosure is the ideal choice as the doors do not create a clutter neither outside nor inside when they are opened. Also, after taking a shower, you will not have the problem of water droplets that come out wetting the floor which could cause you to slip and fall.

Compared to other solutions, the sliding door for the shower is certainly more hermetic because the lower area of the box , called the frame , can be more or less hermetic , as for example, in flush-to-floor shower boxes.

How to clean the sliding glass in the shower

sliding shower box A very important aspect of the sliding shower door is cleanliness . The first thing to do is to prevent limestone from forming there: this, in fact, is the first enemy of the brightness and transparency of the crystals. Splashing on the sliding shower doors , the drops of water will leave residues which, drying up, after just a few uses, will undermine the glass making it opaque. Therefore, in addition to drying regularly after washing the sliding shower walls , for the actual cleaning, depending on the materials, it will be necessary to use the appropriate products following the advice of the manufacturer or the seller.

Sliding shower door, better one or two?

sliding shower door There are various solutions concerning sliding shower doors ; we can start for example with the different number of sliding shower doors to be installed. Usually, the decision depends on the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

When you do not have space problems, you can adopt any solution to your liking by also opting for the version of the larger sliding door shower enclosure. Instead, in small bathrooms the best choice is the installation of a shower box with two sliding doors that allows you to have a large shower that is functional and comfortable for your movements at the same time.

The material used in sliding shower doors, useful tips to avoid mistakes

sliding shower doors Some useful tips for choosing the perfect sliding glass shower enclosure concern the type of material used. On the market, there are several and all of excellent quality and costs for all budgets.

Tempered glass with transparent glass is a material that is widely used in the construction of sliding shower enclosures and is suitable for both smaller and larger bathrooms. This type of material is suitable for those who want a designer bathroom, but at the same time aspire to resistance and easy maintenance. Being a transparent material, however, greater cleaning will be necessary and the residues of water and soap must be eliminated daily to keep the shine unchanged.

Sliding shower doors prices on

sliding shower door When you have to choose the shower enclosure with sliding doors, you will have to analyze the products on the market also based on the cost and budget that you can spend on this so important part of your bathroom .

On our e-commerce a good box with sliding shower doors starts at a cost of about € 300 up to models with higher prices based on characteristics and materials .