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The niche shower enclosure is the most customizable “formula” among the various types of bathroom enclosures. It is the ideal solution, in particular, for those who have bathrooms with particular shapes, non-standard or with small sizes and walls that can be used to enhance the environment. The difference is given by the finishes of the profiles and the crystals.

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Why choose niche shower enclosures

niche shower boxniche shower door If one or two parallel walls in your bathroom allow it or if you have specifically created a partition to create an independent space in the bathroom, the ideal solution for the relaxation and shower corner is a niche shower box : you will have you only need one or two panels to make your bathroom exclusive, attractive, but at the same time create a discreet and private corner for your well-being.

A custom niche shower enclosure is the ideal solution for small bathrooms or when there is a recess in the wall that can be exploited by setting up a shower area.

There are several reasons why it is convenient and convenient to set up a niche shower :

  • From an aesthetic point of view, it is the ideal choice to enhance the bathroom by setting up the shower compartment with a modern and simple design that conveys a sense of refinement and discretion;

  • It is functional because it allows you to leave the bathroom as much space as possible and more brightness, avoiding the clutter of a shower enclosure;

  • It is practical and comfortable because a niche shower enclosure is the simplest way to create a limited and reserved oasis of relaxation at home for moments of well-being.

Types of niche shower doors

niche shower doorsniche shower box What distinguishes a shower niche from others is the choice of doors for the niche box . There are different types of openings to access the niche shower box, the choice of which is determined by the size, space and aesthetic taste. There is a wide range of alternatives - including chromatic ones - with which to customize and enrich the set-up. The various closing systems can be adapted to glass panels which, in addition to the traditional transparent formula, are supplied in colored, shaded, bronzed, smoked, satin, ultra-clear, gray transparencies and other customizations. The crystals must coordinate with the profiles and style of the bathroom furniture .

Before choosing the type of niche shower box opening , the choice of the glass to be installed is a priority for the rendering of the design and also for the cleaning needs. The types of glass are:

  • Transparent glass for a refined choice that goes well with any type of bathroom, design and space;

  • Silk-screened glass is a style choice with designs and motifs based on the taste and style of furniture;

  • PVC is a practical choice for those who prefer resistance over time while lending itself well to any type of furniture and design.

shower nicheniche shower door 100 Finally, as regards the type of opening for the niche shower , the most frequent types are:

  • Sliding niche shower enclosure: space-saving solution. Depending on the length of the door, you can opt for a double sliding door that facilitates entry and exit from the shower, always with a reduced footprint;

  • Folding niche shower enclosure: the hinged doors open outwards or inwards depending on the space available and the size of the box. The closure can also be magnetic to ensure a hermetic seal and prevent water leaks;

  • Saloon niche shower enclosure: original and spectacular, the shower enclosure opens with a double door in a “saloon” style and lends itself to many customizations;

  • Niche hinged shower door: the classic opening of the box with door on the right or left;

  • Shower enclosure with folding door: space-saving and practical solution for an easy-casual design.

Each type of opening must also be associated with the materials and styles of handles, which must always be coordinated with the choice of designo. Each choice must be able to guarantee a comfortable, ergonomic and non-slip grip, just as the door seals must be able to guarantee a hermetic seal of the cabin.

Niche shower doors prices on offer on

On the website you can configure all the elements and details to create the niche shower enclosure of your dreams. Orders are easy to execute and deliveries are safe and guaranteed. Prices vary according to the type of opening of the niche box , materials and finishes. It starts from a basic system from € 295 up to more sophisticated and quality solutions from € 936. We offer you a niche shower box on offer and in seasonal promotions!