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The semicircular shower enclosure is one of the most popular models both for those who have little space to manage, but do not want to give up the pleasure and relaxation of a shower and for more spacious environments where the shower corner can become the strength of the bathroom to experiment with comfortable and at the same time innovative design solutions. The circular shower enclosures are highly customizable and versatile. We have a solution for everyone!

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Why choose a semicircular shower enclosure

semicircular shower cubicle Choosing the right box for the shower area is important because it is a moment of relaxation that can be granted at any time of the day. If spaces are limited and every centimeter is precious, the ideal solution can be a semicircular shower enclosure with sliding doors which, compared to the rectangular shower corner, allows you to obtain even more space without sacrificing aesthetics with its rounded and pleasant shapes. The semicircular shower enclosure needs a rounded shower tray, even if there are very attractive alternative solutions. The doors of a round corner shower enclosure can be sliding on wheels and rails which guarantee a high standard of waterproofing and at the same time fluidity of movement to easily enter and exit the box.

Features of the circular shower enclosure

semicircular shower cubicles 90x90 The semicircular shower enclosures they are a widespread furnishing idea capable of enhancing and optimizing the bathroom corner with minimum bulk, guaranteed aesthetic effect and easy access. The rounded facade, the soft and rounded shapes give the environment a harmonious style, an ideal solution for both limited spaces and airy environments that want to convey greater brightness and the feeling of being in a "bubble" of relaxation. The opening systems of round shower enclosures or oval and semicircular shower enclosures can be of various types: hinged, double hinged opening, magnetic, sliding to reduce any encumbrance, folding opening, lateral opening and finally on a semi tray. -angular.

Semicircular shower enclosure, a design for all styles

semicircular shower enclosure 80x80 From an aesthetic point of view, the semicircular shower enclosures are definitely ideal for a modern style as well as oval shower enclosures , 6 mm or 8 mm crystal shower enclosures, round shower enclosures or curved shower enclosures in general , contemporary and essential. . However, their versatility and the softness of the lines are also easily combined with the bathroom fixtures and colors of some classic, simple and sober lines. The difference is given by the choice of materials, the colors of the profiles and the accessories (soap dish, coordinated robe hook, handles, knobs, handrails). Simplicity is the strong point of these curved shower enclosure models, which make them easily combinable with various styles. The optimization of spaces does not penalize aesthetics if the choices also fall in a coordinated way on the crystals with opaque or transparent glasses.

Types and sizes of semicircular shower enclosures

semicircular shower cubicles 70x90 There are basically two types of round shower :

  • symmetrical semicircular shower cubicle (the most common and widespread);

  • semicircular asymmetrical shower enclosure .

Asymmetrical boxes are rarer and harder to find and therefore also more expensive and more difficult to match stylistically, but they are also very customizable, because it all depends on the size and space available.

semicircular shower enclosure 90x90 The measures of the most common semicircular shower enclosures are the following:

  • semicircular shower cubicles 90x90;

  • semicircular shower cubicle 80x80;

  • semicircular shower cubicles 70x90;

  • semicircular shower cubicles 75x75;

  • semicircular shower cubicles 70x70.

Usually the measures of a symmetrical curved shower enclosure are 80x80 or 90x90, while for asymmetrical models the measures may vary: 70x90 or 80x120. An important element is the curvature obtained by applying the formula R = AB, where R indicates the radius of curvature , A indicates the length of the long side and B indicates the length of the short side . The right radius of curvature greatly facilitates the assembly phases. Usually, the curvature 55 is the one that is compatible with most of the semicircular shower enclosures .

What are the materials of a round shower enclosure

semicircular shower enclosures The quality of the sanitary ware and of the materials with which a half-moon or semicircular shower enclosure is made must necessarily be high because they are components subject to wear and the aggression of cleaning products. Stains, cracks, cracks in the long run also penalize the aesthetic aspect of the semicircular shower enclosures as well as the fundamental one of hygiene. Therefore, the choice of materials must never be left to chance or to "taste" alone.

A curved shower enclosure with the “classic” ceramic shower tray, with 6 or 8 mm tempered glass with anti-limescale treatment may seem like a non-trendy solution, but it is certainly the most effective combination in terms of durability and hygiene. Nothing prevents you from opting for different materials to create even more daring styles and therefore: stoneware, acrylic, steel and resin.

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On you can find various models of semicircular shower at different prices , suitable for any type of budget. Our goal is to offer you the ideal circular shower enclosure for your needs, both in terms of functionality, design and practicality, and in terms of costs. The semi-circular shower boxes at discounted prices on our site will satisfy each of you in all the aspects that we have listed in the previous lines. You just have to visit us in our e-shop!