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Niche shower enclosure with sliding door

The hinged door shower enclosure is one of the most requested solutions to complete the shower area in the bathroom. Practical, comfortable and safe, a hinged shower enclosure can satisfy every need thanks to the many sizes available. Discover all the types of swing door shower enclosures that we have selected for you: offers and cheap prices not to be missed! What are you waiting for? Browse the catalog now and take advantage of our promotions!

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Choice of hinged door shower enclosure

hinged door shower box The hinged door shower enclosure provides the classic closing and opening system of all the doors of the house, with the door moving outwards with a push or a pull.

Choosing a hinged door shower enclosure means opting for a refined, elegant and particularly comfortable solution, as the space for entering and exiting the shower is much larger than other types of opening.

The hinged shower door is a very versatile solution: the standard height is 195/200 cm , however modern design needs often require customized measures , just like the width that varies according to the space available inside the bathroom. .

The thickness of the glass ranges from 3 to 8 mm , in order to give an idea of less or greater solidity.

There are several shower enclosures with hinged door on the market, in our catalog you can find various types of solutions: niche shower enclosures, corner shower enclosures and semicircular shower enclosures , all equipped with robust hinged door openings.

Hinged shower box measures

shower enclosure with hinged doors A hinged door shower enclosure must also take into account the space available inside the bathroom. The measures of the hinged doors are proportionate, in width and height, to the dimensions of the shower tray and the box.

The most common standard shower enclosures are:

  • shower enclosure 70x90 swing door

  • shower enclosure 70x70 hinged door

  • shower enclosure 80x120 swing door

  • shower enclosure 80x80 swing door

  • shower box 80x100 hinged door

  • shower box 80x90 hinged door

Furthermore, on you can order a custom-made shower enclosure, especially for the combination of the hinged door and fixed side shower enclosure. The high level of customization will allow you to find the most suitable solution for your bathroom.

The advantages of the hinged door shower enclosure

shower enclosure with hinged door and fixed side The hinged door opening offers several advantages in the bathroom. In addition to having an aesthetic impact, giving a visual sensation of order and elegance, the hinged shower enclosure facilitates cleaning and sanitizing the shower enclosure.

In fact, shower stalls tend to get dirty over time, but with the hinged door opening it is much easier to proceed with ordinary cleaning, as it is sufficient to open it outwards and clean it with specific products.

The absence of the lower frame, which prevents the accumulation of residues, also makes the cleaning operation convenient. However, there are some solutions that provide for it but the thickness is very minimal and does not create hygiene problems.

The greatest advantage is however the possibility of enjoying a lot of space to enter and exit the shower enclosure, the door or double door opening slightly reduces the actual dimensions of the entrance and exit.

Why buy a shower enclosure with a swing door?

hinged door shower box You can buy a shower enclosure with a hinged door if you have a large bathroom available and you want to enjoy the convenience and practicality of this type of opening.

The solidity and safety of the swing door allows you to enter and exit the shower cubicle without running into dangerous situations.

The ease of use makes this type of opening also suitable for those who have special needs, just think of the shower enclosures for the elderly and disabled , made almost exclusively with door or double door or, alternatively, with sliding door.

Modern solutions for small bathrooms

hinged shower box Therefore, hinged door shower enclosures are normally indicated for large bathrooms. However, some modern solutions include customized and tailor-made installations that are able to adapt even to smaller spaces.

Just think of a corner shower enclosure with hinged door or a semicircular shower enclosure with hinged door : in fact, they can be installed even where the available surface is much more limited.

The strength of shower enclosures are the extreme customization and the ability to adapt to the needs of the individual customer.

Prices for hinged door shower enclosures

The price of the hinged door shower enclosures varies according to the type of product purchased and the level of customization of the same.

In our catalog it is possible to find solutions suitable for any budget and need, ranging from the cheapest hinged shower enclosures , up to higher cost solutions.

All our products are of excellent quality, you can find hinged door shower enclosures on offer and at affordable prices . Shower enclosure for large and small bathrooms, guaranteed over time.