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Corner shower enclosures with swing door

The corner shower enclosure is perhaps the most used shower enclosure because it has the advantage of saving a lot of space, especially in small bathrooms. Depending on the capacity of your bathroom, you can opt for the round corner shower box or the square one; according to the shower tray you have installed.

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Why choose a corner shower enclosure

corner shower cubicle As we have said this is the most used arrangement for the shower. In a bathroom it is rare that the shower is not in a corner position; for this reason, the corner shower enclosures are the most requested on the market.

The corner shower enclosure to choose basically depends on the following characteristics: personal aesthetic taste, the economic resources to be used and the size of the room.

Types of corner shower enclosures

corner shower enclosures The corner shower can be divided into:

For the corner shower enclosure with a square or small rectangular shape, you can opt for solutions with:

  • corner shower box 80x80 corner shower door with a single door that opens like a book: in this case the opening uses all the space of the opening side and the other part remains fixed. The opening can be both external and internal;

  • the double door with folding opening: in the corner shower enclosures of this type there are two doors that form the entrance, also in this case the opening can be both external and internal;

  • double corner sliding door: also in this case the doors of the corner shower enclosure are two sliding and the entrance area is corner;

  • corner shower enclosure with book opening with hinges that allow different openings.

corner shower box 90x90 When in the corner shower there are two sides that allow you to have more generous measures, you could also opt for the following possibilities:

  • a door with a single leaf to open like a book and a fixed part;

  • double corner door that opens like a book with fixed parts;

  • corner folding shower cubicle with side entrance;

  • sliding door with double fixed part.

We can therefore say that the solutions to enhance the shower corner are endless!

Corner shower size

corner shower For the possibilities to be installed in a corner shower enclosure, you must naturally start from the dimensions of a standard shower tray, which are available both at right angles and at curved angles (or rounded).

When it comes to square-shaped corner shower enclosures, the 80x80 corner shower enclosures or the 90x90 corner shower enclosure are mostly used; then there are situations in which the space is more restricted then you can also opt for corner shower cubicles 70x70 .

On the other hand, when we talk about rectangular corner shower enclosures, the most common size is the 70x90 corner shower enclosure , or the 80x120 corner shower enclosure , then arriving at the dimensions of shower enclosures that can be compared to mini-spas of dimensions and have measures even beyond 170x70 cm.

Of course we are talking about fixed dimensions for those who want to install a shower tray but if you prefer to design the box to measure then we advise you to opt for a drain or for the floor grid.

As you have seen, corner shower enclosures can also have quite large dimensions and in this case they can also be suitable for people with reduced skills who need more space for movement and also for people with disabilities who need to be helped during their personal shower.

Corner shower enclosures prices and offers online on

corner shower cubicles 70x90 On our site you can find various offers regarding the corner shower enclosure, such as the RAPID Colacril black corner shower enclosure with sliding doors discounted by over 40% on the list price or the corner shower enclosure with sliding door FPSC50 Colacril that can be customized according to the measures you have available by choosing from the various proposals on the site.

Now you just have to choose which corner shower box is right for you and that you want to install in your bathroom to give the room that extra design touch.