Corner shower box with saloon door

Give your bathroom a touch of originality and buy a shower enclosure with saloon shower doors: a practical and sophisticated piece of furniture at the same time that will add value to the furniture. All of our saloon shower doors are designed to guarantee excellent durability over time as well as excellent ease of use. On our e-commerce you can find a wide range of saloon shower boxes with a truly original design. Discover all the promotions and buy a shower enclosure with saloon doors at a super discounted price!

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Choice of saloon doors

saloon shower doors The shower enclosures with saloon doors are the ideal solution for those who want to give a touch of originality to the bathroom environment.

The saloon doors have a modern and defined design able to adapt to any style, becoming a real piece of furniture.

On our e-shop there are niche shower enclosures with saloon door designed and made with high quality materials, able to guarantee long life and ease of use.

Saloon shower doors are among the most requested on the market, because they are able to create very wide accesses even where spaces are limited.

This means that if the bathroom is small , the space reserved for the shower box can be fully exploited, creating a saloon niche entrance that includes the dimensions of the box.

The saloon door is characterized by the opening and closing movement, inside and out, ideal for any space condition.

The shower enclosure with saloon door can be installed in a corner , between two walls or with the support of only one wall.

It is a product that offers a high level of customization in terms of design and size.

The saloon niche closure always remains one of the most popular choices on the market. In fact, the saloon door for shower is able to give back very large entrances even to very small spaces.

Measures shower box with saloon door

saloon shower door The shower enclosure with saloon door takes into account the space available in the bathroom to adapt to any type of structural requirement.

The dimensions of the saloon door are proportionate, in width and height, to the dimensions of the box and shower tray.

The most common measures (cm) are:

  • shower box 65x70 saloon door

  • shower box 75x80 saloon door

  • shower box 80x120 saloon door

  • shower enclosure 85x90 saloon door

  • shower enclosure 95x100 saloon door

  • shower enclosure 105x110 saloon door

Whatever the space available, the good level of customization of the shower box and the type of door, allows you to find the solution that best suits the environment.

The advantages of the saloon shower door

saloon shower doors Choosing a shower enclosure with saloon door solves space problems and offers an attractive design solution, able to adapt to any style of bathroom furniture.

Those who love showers with hinged doors for niches but do not have a particularly large bathroom, the saloon door for niche is the best alternative.

Furthermore, this type of door can be customized not only in style but also in the choice of glass (transparent or frosted).

The crystal saloon shower door is ideal for making the bathroom brighter, while the opaque one is useful, not only to preserve one's intimacy but also to hide any limescale residues.

Why buy a saloon shower door?

saloon door shower box The saloon shower door is one of the most comfortable, easy and practical solutions to use. This type of door can move outwards with minimum bulk or inwards without occupying and limiting the external space.

The quality of the materials used to make the profile and the glass of our saloon doors for shower enclosures ensure resistance over time, without the need for minimal maintenance.

Buying a saloon shower door means having a versatile, convenient and durable product.

Saloon shower door prices

shower cubicle with saloon doors Saloon shower door prices are variable and depend on the type of product chosen, the dimensions and any customizations requested in the quote stage.

In our catalog you can find saloon shower doors with crystal glass , even opaque, and door models for niche shower enclosures, corner shower enclosures and center wall shower enclosures.

Our products are of the highest quality and always guaranteed. You can take advantage of our periodic offers and the convenience of paying in installments .