Corner shower box with folding door

The folding shower enclosure is particularly suitable when there are problems of space in the bathroom. The folding doors, in fact, closing on themselves, are not "invasive" during their opening and therefore do not require particular limitations in the choice of the rest of the furniture. Request a personalized quote for an economical folding shower enclosure now. We remind you that all our products are of high quality, certified and guaranteed by the Colacril brand. The prices of the folding shower door? Obviously super discounted and very advantageous!

Folding shower box prices. Folding shower enclosure 70x70 or 70x90

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Choice of folding shower enclosure

folding shower box The folding shower enclosure is a solution for small spaces, its opening and closing system avoids creating clutter that further limit movements inside the bathroom.

The folding door for shower is managed by means of a panel, called a folding door which, unlike a door, does not protrude.

A practical and durable system, also thanks to the structural improvements that this type of product has achieved over time, allowing a lightening of the frame and the use of higher quality and resistant materials.

The shower enclosure with folding door can be used for showers that have one, two or three masonry walls, specifically we have:

  • folding shower cubicle 1 side

  • 2-sided folding shower enclosure

  • 3-sided folding shower enclosure

  • corner folding shower cubicles

As for the materials, the shower enclosure with folding door in PVC is one of the most requested, not only for the lower prices, but also because no special maintenance operations are required, as is the case for folding shower enclosures. in crystal.

Shower box measures

folding showers The folding shower box is designed for small bathrooms where the available space is more limited. The aim is to take full advantage of the free space available in the environment without sacrificing comfort.

The most common measures (cm) are:

  • folding shower cubicle 70x70

  • folding shower cubicle 70x90

  • folding shower enclosure 60x60

Whether it's a 2 or 3-sided shower enclosure or a corner shower enclosure , we are talking about a product that can be completely customized and adapted to your needs.

The advantages of the folding shower enclosure

folding door for shower The folding shower enclosure is very practical and functional and solves space problems in the bathroom. In fact, in those situations where the available square footage is very small, folding doors are the best solution to not occupy too much surface.

The folding door is also called a folding or folding door , but there is actually a difference between the two types of doors.

The folding door has a door divided into two or three parts, it works by folding on a pin and then opening by sliding on a guide.

The folding door opens equally by sliding on a guide, but the door is made up of various vertical rods that fold up on one of the sides, bending in a zig zag on themselves.

Both types of folding doors do not clutter and make ordinary cleaning of the shower cubicle easier.

Why buy a shower enclosure with a folding door?

folding shower door The folding system of the folding shower box is one of the most comfortable and practical , the new proposals on the market have a reduced frame and much more functional sliding systems than in the past.

A folding shower enclosure is easy to use. The folding door, as well as opening internally, is equipped with an opening towards the outside which prevents the person from being locked inside.

This makes the shower enclosure much safer, which is why it is also possible to find folding shower enclosures for the disabled , specially designed to meet the needs of those who need more safety.

Folding shower enclosure prices

The prices of the folding shower enclosure vary according to the product chosen, the dimensions and the customization required.

The materials also make a difference. In our catalog you can find folding shower enclosures in crystal and PVC , resistant, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. All our products are of a high standard and guaranteed and adapt to all types of bathrooms.

If you are looking for cheap folding shower enclosures , you can take advantage of our periodic offers that allow you to buy quality shower enclosures at advantageous prices.