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Center wall shower enclosure with swing door

Do you want to amaze and be amazed every time you enter the bathroom? Do you want to enrich your bathroom with a space dedicated to the shower that is of impact and design, but comfortable and functional at the same time? The 3-sided shower enclosures or in the center of the room are the ideal solution for those who have a lot of space and want to make the bathroom environment not only a place for relaxation, but a real spa as well as a room like the living room where you can indulge in pampering. and moments of escape.

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Why buy a 3-sided shower enclosure?

3-sided shower enclosure Three-sided shower enclosures are unusual to set up because they usually require space. Their distinctive feature is that the cabin is made up of three glass sides and a fixed side consisting of the masonry wall on which it rests. A very trendy “variant” is the walk in shower enclosure characterized by the lack of closure which in the case of center-wall positions consists of only two sides.

Among the reasons for buying 3-sided shower enclosures there is certainly the convenient accessibility to enter and exit the shower and to be able to move freely, especially for those with motor disabilities or for the elderly.

Another point in favor of the three-door shower enclosures concerns cleaning which is simpler, faster and more practical. The same goes for installation and routine maintenance.

Finally, the aesthetic aspect of the three-sided shower enclosures should not be underestimated, which are often minimal and elegant but which enrich the bathroom giving it a refined and refined look.

Features and dimensions of the three-sided shower enclosures

three-sided shower enclosure The three-sided shower enclosures require a long wall and space to be placed without clutter compared to the rest of the bathroom furniture. The shapes and sizes do not change, however, they need a wall on which to fix the other three sides of the shower box. The dimensions range from a minimum of 100 cm up to 160 cm; the most common dimensions are between 120 cm and 140 cm, but obviously they can be customized.

The crystals of the three-door shower enclosures are tempered from 6 mm or 8 mm and receive the anti-limescale treatment. The attention to the choice of the quality of the materials is important, especially for the seals and the anti-drop fins.

Types of three-sided shower enclosures

3-sided shower enclosure 70x90x70 The 3-sided shower adapts to any shape or type, whether rectangular or square. The installation methods also vary according to the actual location of the box inside the bathroom. They can be opened at the top or become real shower enclosures with the cover at the top for the eventual application of different taps for the side jets or lights for chromotherapy combined with the shower.

Regarding the openings, the three-sided shower enclosures adapt to different requests:

  • Walk in (without opening, recommended for floor level showers);

  • Sliding doors (with black or anthracite gray profiles for a modern design);

  • With hinged door and double glass;

  • Saloon door;

  • Folding door.

The folding opening is adaptable to any size, customizable, practical, easy to access and reduces space.

The furnishing style of 3-sided shower enclosures

3-sided shower enclosures An easy and wide space is the necessary requirement to correctly position and fully enjoy the functions of a center wall shower enclosure. Consequently, this typology is ideal for environments with an essential, modern, contemporary concept in square shapes. At the same time, a center-wall shower enclosure confers elegance and refinement especially if combined with the innovation of materials and mounting systems that must minimize the perception of joints and fixing points in favor of the chromed aesthetic parts or profiles. of design. The quality of the fastening and mounting elements for these structures in the center of the wall or in the center of the bathroom must necessarily be high to ensure perfect watertightness, impermeability and stability of the tempered glass walls.

A three-sided shower enclosure gives the shower experience the pleasant sensation of being enveloped in an aura of well-being, especially when combined with advanced chromotherapy systems and alternating hot and cold water jets : a guaranteed spa effect!

The extra idea is a three-sided shower enclosure

three-sided shower cubicle Positioning the shower enclosure in the center of the wall has a surprising effect, but also very elegant and refined if wisely designed and combined with the rest of the furniture. A very refined idea is to cover the internal side of the supporting wall with tiles with a relief , transparent or colored glass texture: if the environment is bright, the filtering sun will return unique, suggestive plays of color with brilliant reflections. through the crystals. For those who love the rigor of classic style, the shower tray can be combined with the dry and simple elegance of white marble , specially treated for use in the bathroom. The bathroom is the most humid room, where vapors condense, but it is also the ideal habitat to place some evergreen or flowering plants in pots , preferably in coordinated or laminated pots to give an even more captivating boost to the environment.