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Do you want to give your bathroom a touch of personality? Have you ever thought that the shower area could go off the “tracks” of the usual design to become a real modern and tastefully furnished relaxation area? With the black shower enclosures, the bathroom acquires a new charm: modern, thin, with innovative materials and anti-limescale treatment, they will give your bathroom and the whole house the right added value.

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Black shower enclosures: the modern design that we like so much

black shower cubicles The black shower enclosures are a seemingly unusual design reality as a choice of furniture, but which make the bathroom environment truly extraordinary and the ideal place to relax. A black shower enclosure fits perfectly in a modern, stylized environment, played on walls and floors with optical effects in black and white, but can also be skilfully combined with "classic" furnishings on a retro checkered style flooring or in a version ultra-minimal. Dimensions, shades of black, thickness make the difference to be able to make the best choice for the style of the bathroom. Opting for black profile shower enclosures - compared to proven chrome or invisible profiles - means opting for a different quality, innovation and style.

How to choose a black shower enclosure

shower box with black profiles The choice of a black shower enclosure is limited only by one element: space. The black shower box is not duly enhanced in a small and poorly lit bathroom, risking to make the environment even darker and gloomy. On the contrary, the style of the shower enclosure with black profiles fits perfectly with large rooms in an industrial and minimal style. The entire furnishing concept is combined with a modern design including the sanitary ware, tiles and flooring. For those who love the “Black extreme” style, they can also combine the black or anthracite gray shower tray, perhaps opting for cutting-edge materials such as a marble-resin shower tray to further enhance the elegance of the opaque black edge of the cabin. The black frames are also combined with a young and witty style when combined with the tiles decorated with "comics". The black and white design is a great classic of home furnishings and also in the bathroom it acquires sense and personality, as well as giving elegance and classicism to the environment.

The choice of a black profile shower enclosure must obviously be consistent with the context of the bathroom, so you need to know how to choose between the various types offered.

Shower door with black profile only on the perimeter or a window structure with inglesine?

3 black shower enclosure 80x100 Depending on whether the black shower enclosures are positioned in the center of the wall or in a niche, you can decide whether a black profile that surrounds the glass is preferable or a “English window” structure is preferred. The latter has a refined and elegant effect, but is to be preferred in completely open and walk-in environments (see this black walk-in shower with black "inglesina" profiles).

Instead, in the case of a shower door to be placed in a niche, it is better to opt for black profiles only on the perimeter of the door (take a look at this black niche shower enclosure).

Black shower enclosure materials

black shower cubicle The materials with which the shower box profiles are made are steel and aluminum. The profiles in matt black aluminum (matt effect) are ideal for highlighting the shower corner. In the same color coordinated with the black edges, also the vertical plastic gaskets with anti-drop fins.

The chromed profiles are colored and coated through a galvanizing process. The profiles can be satin-finished for a matt effect. The painted profiles have the same characteristics as the chromed ones, but they can be colored on the RAL scale to choose the preferred shade. Finally, the PVC profiles are made with a resistant and versatile plastic polymer which is a long-lasting solution even if not as elegant as the yield of a chromed or black satin aluminum.

Black profiles shower enclosure, how to clean them?

The profiles and glass for shower boxes undergo anti-limescale treatments. The black profiles - even if treated - require particular care and attention in cleaning, to avoid stagnation and unsightly limescale stains. The materials with which they are made make them easy to clean with common detergents, as long as they are not too aggressive or corrosive. The beauty of the black shower stalls thus remains preserved over time and always of great scenic impact.

Shower black profiles, dimensions and measures available

shower box 120x80 black The structures for black shower boxes offered in the catalog have a matt black finish, i.e. matt black, the glass is 6 mm transparent tempered glass, with anti-limescale treatment, height of 200 cm and the door sizes range from a minimum of 950 / 1000 mm to 1650/1750 mm (with 50 mm or 25 mm adjustment). Depending on the type of shower cubicle and its positioning in the bathroom, the frame can follow a minimalist line, with English-style glass.

The measurements of the black shower enclosures adapt to the structure of the shower tray or shower space available, therefore rectangular (more common) or square 80x80. Here are the most requested dimensions of shower enclosures with black profiles:

  • black shower enclosure 80x100

  • shower box 120x80 black

  • black 70x90 shower enclosure

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