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Choice of the new shower enclosure

Do you need to renovate your bathroom and replace the old shower box? Or are you furnishing the bathroom for the first time and you still don't know what kind of solution to adopt?

Shower cabin

In both cases, whatever your need, you will certainly have to pay close attention to the choice of the new shower enclosure.

Where to start? First of all you need to know that there is no right choice in general, but there is the right choice according to your needs .

Let's start by order and then let's evaluate together all the aspects to be taken into consideration before proceeding with the purchase of a new shower box.

Style and design of the shower enclosure

A shower box, in addition to being practical and comfortable, must in any case be in perfect harmony with all the rest of the bathroom furniture. The eye undoubtedly wants its part and that is why we must carefully evaluate the style that we would like our shower enclosure to represent.

Minimal solutions, with a simple design or more particular models to be customized with colored tiles, shower trays and designer taps?

The choice is truly vast: that is, what matters is to respect the true essence of our bathroom.

In fact, there are solutions more suitable for classic and traditional bathrooms and others more suitable for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Shape, doors and shower box installation

This aspect is very important. Are you wondering why?

Simply because, unless you have a large bathroom that allows you to dare as much as possible without particular limitations, in small bathrooms you are forced to carefully evaluate the space available and convey the final choice based on it.

You can opt for different solutions of:

Center wall shower box

  • square shower box;
  • rectangular shower cubicle:
  • semicircular shower cubicle;
  • circular shower cubicle;
  • corner shower box;
  • niche shower box.

A shower enclosure can have 2 or 3 fixed sides and different opening modes.

The doors, in fact, can be sliding or hinged .

In particular, the sliding door shower has only one track at the top and, since it does not need an opening towards the outside, it is particularly suitable in small bathrooms.

There are also other types of door, such as the pivoting one, suitable for those who want a hinged door but who, at the same time, want to limit its size when opening.

Shower enclosure: tempered glass or acrylic?

Shower cabin

We can say that the most requested material, and without a doubt also the most functional and beautiful to look at, is tempered glass.

While this, with the necessary maintenance and cleaning activities, always remains perfect and very elegant, its antagonist, acrylic, tends to deteriorate and yellow over time.

Tempered glass in the transparent version that shows the inside of the shower is very fashionable: an added value especially if the tiles are particularly elegant and original.

Some companies also offer reversible installation doors.

What is it about?

We are talking about particular doors that can have an opening both to the right and to the left depending on the direction in which they are mounted.

Glass thickness of the shower box: how many millimeters?

Excluding the doors with a thickness of 3, 4 or 5 mm (certainly much more fragile), the most solid and resistant shower enclosure solutions are represented by tempered glass from 6 mm to 8 mm.

Hydromassage cabins

For all lovers of well-being (and especially for all those who wait for the end of a working day to relax in the shower!), We suggest you consider purchasing a hydromassage shower box.

The hydromassage shower cabin, in fact, is able to offer a healthy therapy , thanks to specific water jets that exert pressure on the different parts of the body in order to improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation.

It's like recreating a small wellness center but in the privacy of your own bathroom.


In order to have a good result, however, the pressure of the water system must be within certain values.

The hydromassage shower cabins can offer different types of jets:

  • massage jets for the different parts of the body, soft or more dynamic depending on the intensity chosen;
  • waterfall shower, with a delicate and therefore very relaxing effect;
  • foot massages, ideal for those who stand a lot during the day.

Various options may also be requested, such as:

  • chromotherapy;
  • music therapy;
  • hammam effect;
  • aromatherapy.

Finally, once the shower enclosure has been chosen and customized, it will be necessary to match the taps.

Discover in this section of our catalog different proposals for shower enclosures: 100% Made in Italy high quality solutions designed by the Colacril company.

From today you can buy cheap shower boxes online at discounted prices and receive them comfortably at home!