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Choose the brackets for suspended washbasin for the disabled

Choose the brackets for suspended washbasin for the disabled

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Choose the size of the mirror

Choose the brackets or the reclining mechanism for the washbasin

Choose the brackets or the reclining mechanism for the washbasin


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Washbasin for disabled

Do you want to buy a compliant disabled washbasin online? Welcome to our e-commerce! On you will find GOMAN and Ital-Secure by GOMAN washbasins for the disabled at discounted and very affordable prices. In addition, you can complete your purchase of a disabled washbasin with a space-saving siphon, taps for the disabled and bathroom mirror for the disabled. Take advantage of our online offers now!

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Washbasin for disabled

disabled-washbasin A disabled washbasin (or an accessible washbasin ) is one that has the right height for a person sitting in the wheelchair and allows them to go under with their knees so that they can get as close as possible to the sink. The sinks that meet these criteria are mostly suspended sinks, but also semi-pedestal sinks.

Very often washbasins for the disabled have a concave front part , which allows you to bring your body as close as possible to the sink, useful for brushing your teeth and shaving. Furthermore, a handicapped washbasin must be slightly inclined , again to ensure safe and comfortable use. For this purpose the sinks can be equipped with pneumatic or manual mechanisms to adjust the degree of inclination of the sink.

Height of disabled washbasin according to law

disabled washbasin A disabled washbasin, or rather its front edge, must be placed 80 cm above the floor . Furthermore, always 80 cm, must be the minimum guaranteed space for the frontal approach of the wheelchair to the sink.


As always established by the disabled bathroom regulations, it is advisable to position the sink on the opposite wall to the one with the disabled toilet and on the side of the bathroom entrance .

How to choose the type and design of the disabled washbasin

3L washbasin for the disabled Before choosing a disabled washbasin, you need to consider the space available in the bathroom area and the future use of the sink. For example, will it be used primarily for washing hands? Or will the sink have to be used for washing, shaving or applying make-up? If it is the second option, you may need a larger disabled sink, with more space for toiletries, cosmetics and more, while a small disabled sink will be more suitable for the first option, which is hand washing.

A standard-compliant washbasin for the disabled, as established by the legislation itself, must be " shelf type ". It means that all disabled washbasins must guarantee space under the washbasin , so that a wheelchair user can get as close as possible to the washbasin with his or her wheelchair without having any obstacles underneath. An accessible sink in fact.

There are sinks born as the "technical" ones, that is, specially designed for people with disabilities in full compliance with the measures and dimensions declared in the appropriate standards. Otherwise, for a bathroom in his home, a disabled person can choose from the existing sinks on the market that will work very well as a disabled sink. The choice must also be based on the degree of motor difficulty that a disabled person has.

Therefore, for a disabled washbasin, a suspended washbasin, a built-in washbasin (under- and countertop), a countertop or semi-pedestal washbasin can also be used. While to choose a disabled washbasin in accordance with the law for a public facility, we recommend using only the sinks for the disabled in accordance with Goman.

Disabled taps

The taps for the disabled must be easily accessible and simple to open and close . For this we recommend the mixer taps with lever control.

Bathroom mirror height for the disabled

The mirror above the disabled washbasin must be clearly visible . There are two solutions to get it. First, you need to use the reclining mirror . Otherwise, you have to lower it and place the mirror over the disabled washbasin. Therefore, the mirror for the disabled bathroom sink should be mounted between 90 cm and 170 cm in height .

Siphon for a handicapped sink

As we have seen, a disabled sink must ensure the useful space under the sink to be able to access it with the wheelchair. For this reason a common siphon will not be suitable as it will be cumbersome. The ideal solution in these cases is the space-saving siphon . It stays closer to the back wall and doesn't protrude forward like many standard siphons.

Assembly of washbasins for the disabled

handicapped sink Here the watchword is the "qualified plumber". For the installation of the handicapped sink, we recommend that you contact specialized personnel . It is advisable to inform the plumber if, for example, you plan to lean against the sink when standing. Sometimes, depending on the wall, the wall may not hold the overloaded sink.

Discover Goman handicapped washbasins for sale online at is the official dealer of sinks for the disabled and other products for disabled bathrooms by Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman, a leading company in the sector. Thanks to our precious collaboration with the manufacturer on you will find washbasins for the disabled on offer and at discounted prices.