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Choose the length of the handle for the disabled

Flexible and hand shower option for the sliding rail

Flexible and hand shower option for the sliding rail

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Shower handle

A shower grab bar is a safety aid designed for the elderly and disabled to ensure that they maintain independence in the shower and reduce the risk of accidental falls. The shower handles for sale on our e-commerce are produced by GOMAN, a leading company in the sector of disabled and elderly bathrooms in compliance with the law. Shower grab bars are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and at already discounted prices! Hurry to buy a shower handle online at!

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shower handleShower handle: designed to assist in the shower area

A shower handle is designed to improve the safety of a user (a disabled person, an elderly person or generally speaking a user with mobility difficulties) to wash safely in the shower. Shower grab bars are practical and durable care products, ideal for the elderly and disabled , to whom they provide safety and stability.

4 advantages of a shower grab bar for the elderly or disabled

A properly positioned shower handle can provide help in 4 ways:

1. pushes against or pulls up to stand up
2. Provides stable support while sitting
3. Provides a firm grip when transferring from one location to another
4. for balance when washing.

Types of shower grab bars

Most shower grab bars are fixed to the wall or to the wall and floor. Sometimes a combination of vertical and horizontal shower grab bars can be useful. The type and placement of a shower handle will depend on the grip, the strength of the arm, the degree of mobility of its user and the material used in the construction of the house.

Straight shower handle

shower handle Straight shower grab bars attach to the wall and slide in one direction only . They can be fixed in horizontal, vertical or inclined position.

Horizontal shower handle

A horizontal shower grab bar can help when getting up or down, for example from / to a shower seat . Most people find it easier to push against a horizontal shower grab than to pull themselves up with the help of a vertical grab bar, so horizontal grab bars are more commonly used.

A vertical shower grab bar can be useful when standing up or simply to maintain balance.

Inclined shower handle

An inclined shower handle helps a person who needs stable support, for example when getting up from the shower seat or bathtub seat. An inclined shower grab bar can be positioned at a 45 degree angle upward and spaced from the user. This keeps the wrist in a neutral position. It is not necessary to lean forward very far to grab the shower grab bar at its lower end; in addition, the hand can slide along the handle to maintain support and grip once the person is standing.

Angled shower grab bars (fixed at a slight angle to the horizontal axis) can help a user with weak or sore arms or wrists to support their forearm on the handle while pushing up, thus distributing body weight over a wider area.

Corner shower handle

shower grab bars A corner shower grab bar is a shower grab bar that is already bent at 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

The underside is usually positioned horizontally to serve as a support for the forearm . This allows the user's body weight to be distributed across their forearm, which can be helpful for someone with sore or weak hands or wrists.

The upper section of the handle, on the other hand, provides an angled (45-degree shower handle) or vertical (L-shaped or 90-degree shower handle) grip.

Shower rail with safety handle for shower

grab bars for disabled showers In our catalog of shower handles we also have the models of the shower latches with safety handle for shower . The shower safety handle is installed horizontally under the sliding rail. This shower safety handle with sliding rail can be useful for both disabled people and the elderly.

Shower grab materials

The shower handles for sale on are made of stainless steel ( stainless steel ) and steel with anti-corrosion treatment . Stainless steel is particularly suitable for the shower environment as it is not afraid of water and does not rust.

Finishes of the shower handles

The finish of the shower handles can be important from an aesthetic point of view and also for the grip surface it provides.

A chrome finish on a shower grab rail is attractive and durable, but can be quite slippery to hold, especially when your hands are wet.

shower grab bars A painted shower grab rail provides a warmer feel to the shower grab bars, is durable and will reduce the effects of condensation.

The choice of color allows for a chromatic contrast with the wall for visually impaired users or for the coordination of bathroom accessories.

A high-contrast finish of the shower grab can be useful if you have vision problems: choose the shower grab bars in a color that contrasts with the wall on which it is to be installed.

Where to place the handle in the shower

Where to place the handle in the shower? Proper placement of shower grab bars is important to ensure they provide support, where needed, to perform specific tasks safely.

Although there are guidelines for the correct positioning of the shower grab bars (80 cm from the ground is height of the disabled shower grab bar), the following personal factors must be considered:

  • your needs
  • the support one needs
  • height and weight
  • the degree of mobility and strength a user has in their hands, arms and shoulders.

how to position the shower handle On the other hand, when it comes to bathrooms intended for disabled people , according to the disabled legislation in the shower area, grab bars for disabled showers must be provided at 80 cm from the ground.

Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman shower tub handles at discounted prices on

After a careful selection of suppliers, has decided to start a collaboration with GOMAN Srl , a leading company of products and safety aids for disabled and elderly bathrooms. is the official reseller of GOMAN and ITAL-SECURE by GOMAN products (including shower handles) .

GOMAN shower grab bars are quality products and are available in various sizes with a choice of modern designs and colors. In addition, offers you already discounted prices and professional step by step assistance for your order.