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Many people with disabilities feel embarrassed when they need or ask for toilet assistance. Having devices and aids that help the handicapped to remain independent in the bathroom and take care of themselves will increase their safety and help them live a better life.

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Disabled WC

disabled toilet If we talk about disabled toilets, we have to face a very personal issue. The management of hygienic activities for a disabled person is an extremely personal but necessary daily life activity. Whenever possible, everyone would choose to maintain the independence, privacy and dignity of their life in the bathroom area. However, people with disabilities and those with mobility problems will all have different needs when it comes to using the bathroom. Many people with disabilities may need assistance with general hygiene and cleaning, while others will require physical support and help to sit on the toilet, stand up after they are finished using it, and generally move around the bathroom.

Let's see together some important aspects concerning disabled toilets and they will help you choose the right toilet for disabled people .

Disabled toilet height

The importance of deciding the right height cannot be underestimated, especially for anyone who needs support when moving from wheelchair to cup and vice versa .

Common sanitary ware are usually installed at a height of 42 cm from the floor, but for a disabled person they are often uncomfortable and difficult to use independently and therefore must be higher.

The disabled toilets according to law , must have a seat height of 45 - 50 cm , according to the needs of each person with disabilities .

Also, increasing the height of a toilet or bidet can help anyone who suffers from joint pain or transfers from a wheelchair to the toilet and vice versa.

disabled toilet size

Disabled toilet size

What measures must the sanitary facilities for the disabled have? We see it together below.

The standard disabled toilet must protrude from the wall by 75 - 80 cm (its front edge), and the central axis of the disabled toilet must be 40 cm away from the bathroom wall. The disabled toilet area must have a minimum maneuvering space of 100 cm measured from the toilet seat, all this to allow a disabled person to approach the toilet and transfer from the wheelchair.

Toilet seat for the disabled

raised toilet for the disabled The pots proposed by IDEEARREDO.com can be sold with seats for disabled toilets. Here you will find different models of toilet seat covers, including toilet seat for disabled people with slow closing, but also toilet seats for disabled people with front opening for the bidet and standard closing.

Otherwise, you could adapt your common home toilet for use by a handicapped person thanks to a raised toilet for the disabled . A raised toilet seat for the disabled is 10 cm high, has a front opening for the bidet and easily adapts to traditional toilets.

Organize the disabled toilet area

toilet for the disabled As we have seen, a disabled pot must have a high height. Better to opt, as the legislation for the disabled also says, for a suspended toilet. In addition, many disabled toilets have a front opening. This is to facilitate the personal hygiene of a disabled person thanks to the hygienic shower head for the bidet.

In addition, we recommend horizontal grab bars on one side or, better solution, a folding support bar on the other side, installed 80 cm from the floor. The flush button of a disabled vater and toilet paper holder must be in convenient positions for use by a disabled person. And let's add the last little detail, but of vital importance, and that is the obligation of the bell that must be positioned near the disabled toilet.

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