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For most people, the idea of taking a shower is just a very mundane daily formality. You get up, wash yourself sleepily under a waterfall of hot water and then leave the house feeling fresh and fragrant. What if the shower isn't that simple? What if it's almost impossible without some aids? For those living with a physical disability, the invention and implementation of a disabled shower seat was somewhat of a revelation. Disabled shower seats have transformed the way people with disabilities perform their shower rituals, subsequently instilling a sense of independence and normality in their lives.

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Disabled shower seats - an indispensable aid for a disabled shower

1 disabled shower seats Disabled shower seats is a perfect solution for a disabled person who wishes to enjoy an independent shower . It can be a chair, handicapped shower stool or flip-up (foldable) shower seat specially designed for use in the shower, providing the required comfort and support. They can be used not only for a handicapped person, but also for an elderly person.

A bathtub seat for disabled people helps the disabled (or elderly) person to stay in a raised position thus allowing them a more comfortable use of the bathtub.

Both bath seats and shower seats usually have a slatted seat, they can be fixed or foldable; there are also removable shower seats for the disabled, ie removable when needed.2 seats for disabled bathtub The handicapped shower seats are manufactured in safe materials with anti-wear coatings.

On our e-commerce we have many models of Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman shower and bath seats for disabled people. In choosing the right shower seat for you, be guided first of all by the degree of motor skills of the person who will use the product. All handicapped shower chairs, however, have been designed to provide the stability needed for a freestanding bathroom.

5 tips for choosing a disabled shower seat

shower seat Below we suggest some aspects to look out for when choosing and purchasing a shower chair for the disabled.

1. Weight and dimensions. Check before purchasing that the weight and dimensions of the shower chair are suitable for the disabled person and their shower or bath. This will ensure maximum safety and comfort.

2. Disabled shower accessories. If you have an accessory in mind when choosing a handicapped shower seat, make sure it matches your product and fits well.

3. Security. Of course, each of us would like to have something that is beautiful and not too intrusive to furnish their home, but when it comes to a disabled person, safety must prevail over style . So, if a person (disabled or elderly) has poor balance and stability, a larger, more rigid handicapped shower chair is recommended. (And to customize the bathroom you could focus on coatings)

shower seat height for the disabled4. Prices for disabled shower seats. Luckily there are so many models of shower seats and disabled bath seats that can be found on the market today. Consequently, there are so many prices. During the purchase, as already said before, the most important thing is the safety that must be guaranteed by the disabled shower chair purchased. IDEEARREDO.com offers various models of shower seats for the disabled produced by GOMAN, one of the best and most valid brands in the sector on the market. GOMAN produces standard and quality shower aids for the disabled. Our catalog of handicapped shower seats is vast and available for different budgets. In fact, it offers both basic and economical shower seats, as well as design ones at a higher price.

5. Choose the right one from different types of disabled shower seats. There is a multitude of different types of disabled shower seats to choose from nowadays. The seat models start from the disabled shower stools which are quite light and therefore easily transportable, and go up to the fixed shower seats, that is, mounted on the wall and foldable (attention, not all disabled shower seats have this feature).

We examine below the main categories of chairs for the disabled for shower and bath.

Wall mounted shower chair for disabled people (fixed)

shower seats for the disabled Wall mounted shower seats offer support and support in the bathroom when showering. In addition, disabled shower seats and elderly shower seats provide additional safety as they help prevent slips and falls that can easily occur on wet surfaces.

To give more support, some disabled shower chairs are equipped with armrests and backrests .

Folding shower seat for the disabled

shower seats Fold-down shower seats also attach to the wall, but have an extra feature: they are foldable. A flip-up shower seat that folds easily when not in use has two benefits. First, it is a great solution for a small bathroom. Second, it allows you to use the shower space for other people who live together with the disabled: simply fold the shower seat.

Angular handicapped shower seats

Corner handicapped shower seats are designed to fit the corner of the shower or bathroom to provide maximum seating or standing space in the shower.

Removable disabled shower chairs

The detachable shower chairs have been designed to be taken out, i.e. taken out when not in use, freeing up space in the shower.

The removable disabled shower chairs will be a perfect solution for various accommodation facilities (hotels, hotels or Bed & Breakfasts) that occasionally have to set up the bathroom inside to accommodate a disabled person.

Online sale of shower seats for the disabled on IDEEARREDO.com

IDEEARREDO.com offers a wide range of shower seats for the disabled by Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman, one of the best brands in the sector. You can choose between simple and ergonomic designs of the various models of disabled shower seats. Furthermore, on IDEEARREDO.com you will find many products on offer at advantageous prices !

Discover the catalog of disabled shower seats on IDEEARREDO.com. We offer different models of shower chairs for the disabled, safe and functional, but also beautiful, so as not to make the disabled bathroom seem a sad hospital environment, but a comfortable home bathroom with its own style and character.