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Disabled grab rail

Are you looking for grab bars for the disabled? Discover on our e-commerce various proposals for grab bars and handles for the disabled to be installed in a disabled bathroom. In choosing a supplier we relied on GOMAN Srl, a leading company in the sector. The Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman handicapped handles are all compliant and therefore have all the right requirements for both a private bathroom and a public disabled bathroom. Choose from many models of straight and angular, fixed and removable grab bars for disabled people and also folding grab bars. On we have several models on offer and at cheap prices!

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Disabled grad rail

grab bars for the disabled As foreseen by the disabled legislation , it is necessary that, by designing a bathroom for the disabled, it is necessary to ensure, with appropriate spatial arrangements, accessibility and the maneuvers of a wheelchair necessary for the use of the sanitary appliances; in addition, appropriate handrails / safety grab bars for the disabled are to be provided next to any sanitary equipment (toilet, sink, shower, tub for the disabled) in the bathroom.

Handicapped bathroom grab bars are support aids that attach to the bathroom walls. They offer stable support in an area that can often be slippery and therefore could lead to falls and trauma. Aside from fall prevention , bathroom grab bars allow a disabled person (or even elderly) a secure support during the transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet, to the shower, to the tub and vice versa.

What are the advantages of a disabled handle?

The grab bars for the disabled have been designed to guarantee the use of the bathroom in total safety by a handicapped person or an elderly person. You simply have to hold on to the grab bars to keep your balance when showering, bathing or moving around the bathroom.

What are the different types of bathroom grab bars for the disabled?

Linear handle for disabled people (straight)

disabled grab bars A linear (straight) grab bar is a classic among grab bars for the disabled. It is available in different lengths . A disabled handle in the shorter version is preferable when there is a person to look after a disabled person in the bathroom since it allows more space to move during assistance. On the other hand, a long handicapped grab bar can be mounted vertically to help a person with walking difficulties pull up or down in the wheelchair and maintain balance.

Folding handle for disabled people

disabled handle In our range of bathroom grab bars for the disabled we also offer a foldable safety holder which is placed next to the toilet . It is simple to fold when not in use. It is a folding handle for disabled people (or folding disabled bar). A folding handrail is useful when bathroom space is limited .

A small detail of great convenience: some models of folding grab bars for the disabled are equipped with a toilet paper holder .

Pull-out grab bars and bars for the disabled (removable grab bars)

grab bars for disabled bathrooms The Goman pull-out series is perfect for facilities such as hotels, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts that require bathrooms to be equipped according to law only when necessary to accommodate a disabled person.

The tested and safe couplings, easily and in a few seconds make the bathroom accessible and safe.

Watch out for the fixings

A very important thing in a handle for the disabled is the fixings. Only the best fixings can guarantee the load capacity of the bathroom grab bars to 150 kg according to law . The Goman bathroom grab bars for sale on are supplied with the fixings included (Fischer screws and plugs for the Goman handicapped grab bars, and Goman fixings for the Ital-Secure by GOMAN grab bars for the disabled).

We recommend that you contact specialized personnel for the installation of bathroom grab bars for the disabled and we recommend a careful choice of fixings based on the wall. The fixings should be checked regularly and tightened if necessary. Only an optimal fixing guarantees the maximum of the declared capacity , Goman assumes no responsibility for bad installations.

Many Goman and Ital-Secure by Goman grab bars for the disabled at discounted prices on offers a variety of handles for the disabled by GOMAN and Ital-Secure by GOMAN, a leading company in the bathroom for the disabled. Many finishes, sizes, colors and materials for disabled grab bars to satisfy every need! Traditional and simple disabled handrails and stainless steel bathroom grab bars for a more modern and minimal look. We also have colored grab bars for disabled bathrooms, from cheerful and showy colors to more muted and fashionable ones.

On you will find many grab bars for the disabled on offer and at discounted prices ! - official dealer of GOMAN and Ital-Secure by GOMAN grab bars for the disabled.