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Disabled bathroom: a right and a daily necessity for the handicapped

Everyone wants to be able to wash regularly and safely. Being able to bathe and wash easily at home or on vacation allows us to go out, meet with friends and family, and participate in social activities with confidence, that is, enjoy life to the fullest, like everyone else.

Being able to go to the bathroom, close the door, and take care of your cleaning rituals in private is something many of us take for granted. So when we experience limited mobility due to aging or health problems, it can be difficult to admit that we are giving up that independence.

Using the bathroom for a disabled person is not always easy. There are many things to consider besides the toilet for the disabled. It can be very embarrassing to need assistance in the bathroom. Fortunately, there are aids and supports to adapt bathroom for the disabled in a comfortable and functional way. They are all designed to help people with walking difficulties live independent lives, including using the bathroom in self-care .

A well-organized bathroom for the disabled helps people with disabilities, but also the elderly, to maintain their dignity, independence and privacy.

The importance of an accessible and safe disabled bathroom

disabled bathroom Showering and bathing is not just about the personal hygiene of a disabled person. Staying in a hot bath can provide relief from muscle and joint pain and can be a way to take away stress and distress. Likewise, a refreshing shower can help invigorate the body and provide a sense of freshness.

However, taking a shower or bath can also lead to a lot of anxiety and fear for a disabled person. Fear of falling and getting hurt, dizziness, or the inability to handle things without assistance can make this normally enjoyable ritual something to avoid for the disabled.

Hence, to reduce the risk of trauma in disabled bathrooms and to make cleaning and bathing rituals a relaxing and comfortable experience, it is important to take steps to organize disabled toilets as safely as possible .

Designing disabled bathroom

disabled bathroom When designing a bathroom for the disabled, two things must be taken into account: the minimum dimensions of the bathroom for the disabled required by current regulations (which are 180 cm x 180 cm) and the bathroom dimensions that one has available. If you can meet the required disabled bathroom requirements and sizes, that's it. But there is a reason for the existing regulations and that is to ensure safety and comfort for a disabled person.

For example, the disabled bathroom door must be wider to allow passage of a wheelchair. Instead, disabled toilets are higher than standard toilets to allow transfer from the wheelchair or to facilitate the movement of getting up and sitting down. Even a disabled washbasin must comply with the requirements regarding its shape and height, always to facilitate the movement of a person sitting in the wheelchair. Various grab bars and grab bars are also essential for disabled bathrooms.

Visit the categories of our Disabled Bathroom catalog to find out about the disabled bathroom accessories on sale and read further information on the subject (including dimensions for disabled bathrooms to be respected).

Why not think about disabled bathroom measures when renovating the bathroom?

Keeping in mind the size of a disabled bathroom and then planning the location and height of the fixtures, sink, lighting, access and exit from the shower can help avoid costly bathroom adaptations later on.

There are some "discreet" products that can be cleverly incorporated into your bathroom design, such as removable grab bars and shower seats. With the right bracing and fasteners installed in the walls, these brackets and support products can be easily installed and removed when needed.

IDEEARREDO.com offers a wide selection of GOMAN and Ital-Secure by GOMAN products and bathroom aids for the disabled

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gomanItal Secure Thanks to its many years of experience, GOMAN designs and produces safety accessories in full compliance with the disabled bathroom regulations.

In the Disabled Bathroom section on IDEEARREDO.com you will find aids, supports, grab bars, bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories for the disabled to make the bathroom with disabilities a safe and functional place, without compromising style, beauty and elegance.

IDEEARREDO.com is aimed at both individuals who have to design a disabled bathroom to ensure the safety and comfort of a family member, as well as sports centers, gyms, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, hotels, campsites and other private and public accommodation facilities that must set up a mandatory disabled bathroom inside them.