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Among the bathroom accessories that can be found on the market today, waterfall taps are certainly one of the best-selling categories. These are very particular mixers from a purely aesthetic point of view that allow you to give the environment a touch of design of great effect.

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Features of waterfall taps

waterfall tapswaterfall faucet By analyzing a simple tap, we will discover that the spouts to choose can be of various types. Among the many alternatives we will be faced with the purchase of waterfall taps . Their main peculiarity consists in being different from the classic mixers with tubular spout. In fact, here we find an open mouth in the upper area in order to have a cascading effect .

To date, in the target of their market, waterfall taps are a really very popular product, thanks to this particular feature we have talked about. Usually, waterfall taps are mostly chosen for shower heads or bathtubs but there are not rare occasions when waterfall mixers are purchased for bathroom sinks and bidets .

The presence of the cascade flow is certainly the greatest advantage of this type of latest generation mixer. However, this does not mean that it is the only feature of waterfall taps ; in fact, it is possible to talk about their other characteristics. Most of the time the waterfall bathroom mixers are characterized by geometric and angular lines , but it is not uncommon to find variants made with sweeter shapes that follow the latest trends of the moment. As for the finishes , however, the most common colors are those of polished chrome and stainless steel. If you are not afraid to dare, on the market you can also find more particular waterfall taps , with customized finishes or even with colored LED lighting.

Types of waterfall bathroom taps

waterfall faucet The waterfall bathroom taps can be divided into different categories based on the type of material , their shape or according to the size or assembly or, again, use .

Based on the use and the position we will have:

  • waterfall mixers for washbasin. A vast group of taps with various spectacular proposals for the washbasin area.

  • waterfall taps for bidets. Models from the same collection as the waterfall basin mixers are usually chosen.

  • waterfall tub faucets. The wide, open mouth of these waterfall jet taps is convenient for filling the bathtub.

Furthermore, a further differentiation can be made regarding the type of assembly:

  • if the assembly takes place on a support surface that can be a sink or a top, you will have cascade taps with external assembly .

  • if the installation is recessed there are waterfall bathroom taps with wall mounting (for both sink and bathtub),

  • Finally, it is possible to choose the waterfall taps on the edge of the tub.

It is extremely important to carefully evaluate the size of a waterfall faucet when evaluating the purchase. These, in fact, must comply with the sanitary on which the cascade mixer is to be installed. For example, the waterfall faucet for a bathtub certainly cannot have the same measurements as a waterfall faucet for a washbasin , otherwise the water would splash everywhere given the difference in the power of the jets.

Advantages and disadvantages of waterfall taps

waterfall mixer The waterfall faucet , like all things, has both strengths and weaknesses.

Among the defects we can indicate a defect of functionality that goes to contrast their aesthetic beauty. In fact, if the installation of the bathroom waterfall faucets is not done flawlessly, the risk is that the water can splash everywhere. Another possibility is the choice of a cascade faucet that is ill-proportioned with respect to the sanitary fixture on which it was to be mounted, especially if it is a tub or washbasin.

Another disadvantage of cascade bathroom taps is due to the formation of limestone that is likely to form on this type of mixer, especially if you consider the particularly high cost they have compared to classic taps.

But let's also analyze the positive aspects, which are not few , of a cascade mixer! Thanks to the particular shape of the mouth, the water flows smoothly. The design highlights the harmony between the design of the hard taps of the past and the water that with its way of flowing gives a modern look, creating a kind of continuity between old and new.

Furthermore, another great advantage of waterfall taps is the possibility of being able to customize them to the design of your bathroom, in such a way that they are in harmony with the context in which they are inserted.

Cascade mixers at discounted prices for sale on IDEEARREDO.com

waterfall bathroom taps On IDEEARREDO.com you will find many proposals for the purchase of your waterfall taps, such as the Swing 2885 wall-mounted waterfall mixer for washbasin by Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria. Its ultra-modern design is available in chrome and steel-colored finishes starting at € 572.

Or the waterfall bathtub faucet model H2Q 3989 with an ultra-modern design at a cost of € 948.20! Your bathroom will finally be the way you wanted it.

If you are a lover of vintage style , but do not want to give up the purchase of a waterfall faucet , also in this case we have what is right for you thanks to the waterfall bathtub faucet for the classic bathroom from the Papiro collection available in many style finishes such as polished chrome, antique bronze, antique copper, polished gold, and stainless steel starting from € 961.77.

These and other taps are still available on our shop; you can view them, customize them and discover their characteristics. The qualified staff will always be at your disposal for assistance on any doubt or perplexity.

Our recommendations always remain the same: contact qualified personnel for the installation of the waterfall bathroom taps ! Clean the taps regularly with soft cloths using warm water and neutral soap, without abrasive sponges or aggressive products. In this way they will be kept beautiful over time!