Wall mounted basin taps

Buy the wall mounted taps for washbasin on IdeeArredo.com! Wall-mounted washbasin mixers have many advantages: beautiful and compact, they take up a minimum of space and visually lighten it. In addition, they are easy to clean and give your bathroom individuality.

Browse our catalog of wall mounted sink taps and choose the one that's right for you! Our wall-mounted basin mixer is by Gaboli Fratelli, a true Made in Italy at ultra affordable prices! Our wall mounted bathroom taps already include built-in internal parts, you don't have to buy them separately and spend more money!

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Wall-mounted bathroom taps

wall mounted bathroom tapswall taps Wall mounted sink faucets are becoming very popular lately and appeal to both designers and an average buyer. By purchasing wall mounted faucets you save space and create a visually very clean environment in your bathroom. You no longer need a sink with a tap housing, so you can choose between various types of sinks . Plus, you can mount the taps on the wall at the height you and your family need.

IDEEARREDO.com offers you a large catalog of built-in taps. Here you will find both modern and classic wall-mounted mixers at affordable prices.

Types of wall mounted bathroom taps

wall tapvintage wall mounted taps Wall mounted bathroom faucets come with one or two levers which are separate from the spout of the faucet, but they are also wall mounted.

Among the wall-mounted taps we usually find 2 types of models:

- single-lever wall mixer, so we have the spout with the lever visible; the wall-mounted washbasin mixer works with a cartridge;

- wall tap with two knobs, i.e. the dispensing spout in the center with two handles on the sides; the wall faucet here works with mechanical headworks or ceramic discs. In this group we often find vintage and retro style wall-mounted sink taps.

The barrel and levers of the wall mounted bathroom faucet may or may not have a decorative wall plate (plate).

Advantages of wall mounted taps

wall mounted bathroom faucet 1. A wall mounted mixer combines aesthetics and practicality.

2. Wall mounted taps allow you to visually lighten the space. They are perfect for furnishing bathrooms in a minimal style whose characteristics are practicality, functionality and use of the latest technological solutions.

3. A wall-mounted faucet saves space in a small bathroom.

4. The wall fitting is easier to clean. By having a part of the faucet hidden in the wall, you have fewer visible elements to clean. The drops of water fall into the sink and do not stagnate on the tap creating limescale stains on its surface.

Mounting the mixers on the wall

Bathroom sink wall faucets are beautiful, but they cannot be installed at the last minute. In fact, the installation of wall mounted washbasin mixers must be planned and carried out first. The wall-mounted sink taps are composed of two elements: the built-in parts (the functional ones) and the visible parts (the spout with the control knobs). First the internal parts of the wall faucet are mounted, the bathroom is tiled (or coated with other materials according to your taste) and finally the external parts of the wall faucet are applied. Usually the spout of the bathroom sink mixer is mounted at a height of 20-25 cm.

Buy the wall mounted taps for washbasin online on IdeeArredo, with us you will find a wide selection of wall mounted bathroom taps with secure payments and fast shipping!