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Traditional bathroom taps

Are you looking for classic taps for your bathroom? You are on the right site! Browse the catalog of classic bathroom taps and discover the models of antique taps that we have selected for you among the best proposals of Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria. Various classic bathroom tap solutions including sink, bidet and shower taps. Golden taps and bronze taps - choose yours for your classic bathroom! Discover offers and prices and make your online purchase on!

Traditional bathroom taps from Italy. Vintage taps for bath and basin

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Always in fashion

vintage bathroom taps Classic taps (vintage, shabby chic or country style taps) will always be in fashion, both for the bathroom and for the kitchen.

Despite new styles and trends in design, retro taps will always remain current and appreciated.

If you want to buy classic style faucets, you will surely find what you need in our online shop.

An aristocrat in your bathroom

To date, classic bathroom taps are considered luxury and almost aristocratic products. Their design elegantly interprets the glitter of yesteryear and finds its expression in curved lines and golden elements.

Better two than one

antique taps Classic bathroom taps almost always have a long, curved spout and two knobs : one for hot water, the other for cold water. So to emphasize the vintage style of your bathroom choose taps with two handles.

The knobs can be cross head or lever with a white insert. Of course, from the point of view of practicality, vintage taps with two handles are inferior to single-lever mixers, but when we talk about classic bathroom taps we are above all interested in its aesthetic appearance.

A young couple who prefer the frenetic pace of modern life should choose a minimal style bathroom, while the classic bathroom is more suitable for the "hedonists" of life who like to savor every moment.

Bronze, gold or crystals?

vintage faucet Another feature of antique taps is the use of various finishes , especially bronze (also called antique brass) . We remind you that the quality taps , both in modern and classic style, are made of brass . To make sure, just take a tap in your hand and feel its weight. Then, based on the final color, a raw brass faucet undergoes galvanic or painting processes and acquires its final finish. In the case of retro taps we often find Bronze / Antique Brass, Gold and Copper finishes. Furthermore, to embellish and further enrich the classic taps, precious materials are used, such as Swarovsky crystals.

A comfortable classic

It must be said, however, that even lovers of classic style like comfort and technological products. Precisely for them, typically modern taps, which could not exist in ancient bathrooms, have been “classicized”. Here we speak of the classic single-lever mixers or for example thermos tatici in retro style.

vintage faucet

Classic faucets prices

As a rule, classic taps cost more than modern taps. Vintage taps are more robust and important and very often have typically classic finishes, Bronze / Antique Brass, Gold and Copper which increase the price of antique taps.

And remember

The last tip: if you want to buy a vintage faucet, you should furnish your entire bathroom with classic products ( classic sanitary ware , classic bathroom furniture). Otherwise your retro faucet may seem inappropriate.

Buy classic taps online at - a rich catalog of vintage taps and retro taps on offer and at cheap prices!