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A thermostatic shower mixer allows you to choose and set the water temperature according to your needs, keeping it constant for the duration of the shower.

If you too are looking for thermostatic shower taps, then you have to take a look at the proposals of Gaboli Rubinetteria present in this section of our product catalog: we have selected for you the best thermostatic shower mixer solutions.

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The choice of the thermostatic shower mixer

thermostatic shower mixer With a thermostatic shower mixer you can definitively say goodbye to the annoying temperature changes that can occur during a shower.

Thanks to this particular type of shower taps it is in fact possible to set the temperature of the water you want and keep it constant for the entire duration of the shower.

The advantage of a thermostatic mixer is precisely that of establishing and fixing the gradation of the water thus avoiding sudden burns or cooling due to thermal changes.

thermostatic shower mixer How to choose the best thermostatic mixer ? How does a thermostatic tap work ? Let's see first of all the meaning of the word "thermostatic": it is the one that keeps the static temperature, that is, unchanged and constant.

In fact, thermostatic shower mixers are taps equipped with a thermostatic valve that allows you to mix hot and cold water, thus reaching the preset temperature.

It also modulates and also controls the water flow in the event of other utilities being opened.

An intelligent solution, perfect for the bathroom at home but also suitable for hospitality facilities, hotels / hotels and sports centers. In short, having a thermostatic bath is a great modern convenience.

thermostatic-shower There are different types of thermostatic taps : a thermostatic mixer for shower or bathtub, a shower column with thermostatic mixer that would already be a complete solution, and even a thermostatic hydromassage shower column. Choose the thermostat based on its design and use, but also on your price needs.

In this part of our online catalog dedicated to taps, we have chosen for you different models of shower thermostats with a very original design and at different prices.

In addition to being very useful and functional products, thermostatic taps also have captivating and high-impact lines, therefore perfect for elegant and design bathrooms .

You can find modern thermostatic mixers and classic taps on our e-shop, also available with a white finish lever.

Types of thermostatic shower mixers based on their assembly

shower columns with thermostatic mixer A thermostatic shower mixer can be external or built-in.

The external thermostatic mixer has its structure outside the wall which therefore remains visible, while a built-in thermostatic mixer leaves only the control levers visible (those for the water supply, for the flow control and for the regulation of the temperature).

Advantages of thermostatic shower faucets

We can summarize the advantages of a thermostatic shower mixer in three simple words: safety, practicality and savings.

thermostatic shower mixer

  • - Safety : as we have already said, with a thermostatic shower the water temperature always remains constant. In this way, any risk of scalding and cooling during the shower is excluded.
  • - Practicality : a thermostatic shower faucet is simple to use and does not require special maneuvers. Furthermore, for example, in the event that the shower is closed and then reopened, the water gradation will always remain the same as the previous one.
  • - Savings : another very important factor is certainly that linked to water saving. Thanks to a thermostatic shower mixer it is in fact possible to save all that water that would otherwise be used when searching for the right temperature.

Discover all the thermostatic shower mixers on offer and the various proposals: our e-commerce offers excellent quality taps at discounted and very advantageous prices.