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Do you have a countertop sink and are you looking for tall basin mixer taps? Come and discover our proposals for tall washbasin taps to match! We have several tall mixers for you, to choose from based on height, finish and price. We offer you high quality Made in Italy high quality washbasin mixers at discounted prices!

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The choice of tall basin mixer taps

tall bathroom taps Tall bathroom taps are the perfect choice for countertop sinks and bowl sinks. Usually the tall basin tap is installed on the countertop next to the sink as bowl sinks rarely have a tap housing hole on them.

The tall washbasin mixers can be mounted both behind the countertop washbasin and laterally. If you intend to install your countertop basin faucet to the right or left of the sink , it is advisable to order a tall bathroom faucet with a long spout .

Countertop basin tap height

tall basin taps The height of the countertop basin tap must be chosen according to the height of the basin . Here are the rules to observe to choose the right tall bathroom faucet and wash comfortably and without splashing.

  • To a bowl basin 200-220 mm high it is better to combine a mixer with a height of 250 mm or more .

    Instead of tall sink taps, you can also combine a wall-mounted mixer with a countertop sink, with the only difference that you will have to prepare the internal pipes in advance . If, on the other hand, the installation is already done or it is not possible to mount a faucet on the wall from a technical point of view, tall bathroom mixers are the perfect solution for these cases.

  • With a medium sink (170-180 mm high) you can use any sink faucet.

  • For small-depth washbasins (the height of the sink approximately 110-140 mm ), a medium-sized mixer must be installed, i.e. 150-250 mm .

Assembly of tall basin mixers

tall basin mixers The countertop basin mixers and tall basin taps are all single- hole , meaning they only need one hole for assembly. The diameter of the hole to be made in a top to install a high sink faucet is 33.5 mm .

Usually tall bathroom taps are single-lever mixers , that is, with a single lever to control the water. However, we can also find tall basin mixers with two knobs , especially in classic taps.

Finishes of a tall basin mixer

tall basin taps The most common finish is undoubtedly polished chrome . On the other hand, those who want to indulge themselves a little and enhance their tall sink faucet can choose from different finishes such as shiny gold, antique brass (i.e. bronze), copper, matt black (matt black), matt white (matt white), nickel brushed (the one with the stainless steel effect). The latest new entries are matt cream, matt dove gray, matt nickel, glossy and reflective black nickel, matt bronze and matt gold. In short, a real embarrassment of choice for your high bathroom sink faucet!

Price high bathroom taps

The prices of high bathroom sink faucets are higher than the price of a smaller mixer. This is normal: the higher the countertop basin tap, the more brass it takes to make it. However, on IDEEARREDO.com you will find excellent proposals also for tall basin mixers!

Style and design of tall washbasin taps

tall basin taps Design is an equally important aspect when choosing your tall basin mixer. For a minimalist bathroom , hi-tech style countertop basin taps are recommended, in polished chrome, brushed nickel (steel) or matt black finish.

For a Victorian style bathroom we recommend antique and vintage tall sink taps, preferably with bronze coating or tall gold mixers.

Furthermore, in order to choose the right tall basin mixer, it is important to know how you are used to using the sink and what you intend to wash with it. If you only wash your hands or your toothbrush, then a mixer with a medium or low neck will suffice.

If, on the other hand, in your sink you intend to wash your hair, your little son's bottom, the dog's paws or your shoes (let's say that you will use the sink with the tap almost like in the laundry area), then here too it is better to opt for a bathroom mixer about 30 cm high . In addition, for the latter case it is advisable to take a large sink with a deep basin . However, keep in mind that the tall mixer with the deep sink will create a strong jet of water (great for washing and / or cleaning well), but also a little splashing.

An excellent solution to avoid or at least reduce splashes in tall washbasin taps is the aerator aerator , which many tall bathroom taps are equipped with. The jet breaker foams the water with air. The jet becomes softer and more pleasant , white in color. In addition, you will find the benefits of your tall basin mixer equipped with an aerator even on your bill: the aerator in fact reduces water consumption by about 30%.

On IDEEARREDO.com you will find numerous proposals for high basin mixers and countertop basin taps, discounted and on offer ! Hurry up to buy high bathroom taps online from us!