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Shower rail

Installing a shower head too high means having a very large water jet area with the consequence of excessive water waste.

On the other hand, installing it at a lower height means causing annoying splashes or, in the case of a shower enclosure with curtain, unpleasant water leaks.

From this series of problems, the idea of the shower rail was born, a practical and comfortable bathroom accessory that allows you to adjust the height of the shower head quickly and easily.

What is a shower rail?

Shower rail

A shower rail is nothing more than a shower head or a hand shower integrated into a sliding trolley that moves vertically up and down a rod.

Thanks to this system, anyone entering the cabin can manually adjust the height of the shower, thus washing themselves comfortably and avoiding unnecessary waste of water.

In fact, its structure allows you to reach any point inside the shower box.

100% Made in Italy products by Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria .

Shapes of shower latches

The shapes of the sliding rail can vary according to their style: minimal solutions for modern and simple bathrooms, more elaborate and sinuous lines for a classic furniture.

You will find more refined and design solutions , elegant and very refined, always at an affordable and very advantageous price.

Shower rail materials

The ups and downs they are made of brass, while the supports are made of abs. They are complete with anti-limescale hand shower and brass hose. Many models of sliding rods are equipped with soap holder accessories.

Finishes of the sliding rail for the shower

All the shower rails in our collection are available in a chrome finish . To respond to the latest bathroom trends we have also prepared some models in the more particular matte black finish . Instead for the classic latches you can choose between bronze, gold, copper or chrome finishes.

How to choose a shower rail on

The sliding rail does not come complete with shower mixer, you should order it separately, choosing between built-in or external taps. If you want to opt for a built-in mixer, remember to order a water connection to which you will connect the hose of the sliding rail.

Features and benefits of a shower rail

  • a sliding rail solves the problem related to heights in some way: it is in fact suitable for everyone , adults and children, thanks to its system that allows you to raise or lower the hand shower manually and quickly;
  • thanks to the possibility of being able to adjust the height of the jet, a sliding rail allows you to significantly reduce water consumption .

Assembly of a sliding rail in the shower

Shower rail

Installing a rail in the shower is a rather simple operation. No special equipment or overly specific interventions are required.

But obviously a lot of attention is needed.

  1. The first step is to take the measurements of the sliding rail fasteners well and mark the corresponding points on the internal wall of the shower cubicle chosen for installation.
  2. Make the holes.
    If possible, in order not to damage the tiles in the shower enclosure, we recommend drilling the holes directly on the joints.
  3. Once the holes have been made, it will be necessary to insert the screw-holder plugs and overlap the holes of the sliding rail plate to those of the wall.
  4. Then the screws of the pole fixing plate will have to be inserted and fixed.

Important! For a perfect job, the structure must be positioned vertically, straight and perpendicular to the floor.

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