3-way shower faucet built-in mixers for shower Sophie Gaboli

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3-way shower tap: discover the Sophie model built-in shower mixers by Gaboli Fratelli

Are you undecided about which is the best built-in shower faucet ? Trust the advice of IDEEARREDO.com and you will not go wrong with your purchases!

The model, Sophie 3631 by Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetterie, is a shower mixer with diverter that will allow you to have three water outlets. The flow is regulated by a single-lever mixer which, together with the diverter, is located on a single rectangular plate measuring 200x100 millimeters.

The shower faucet Sophie 3631 is installed recessed into the wall and will arrive at your home with all the parts for the built-in already included.

As for the finishes, you can choose between polished chrome, brushed nickel and polished gold.

Buy your Sophie 3631 built- in shower faucet online at IDEEARREDO.com and you can take advantage of our discounts!


  • Type: shower mixer with diverter
  • Three-way shower mixer
  • Type of installation: wall recessed (the recessed parts are already included)
  • Oval plate 200x100 mm
  • Single lever mixer with 35 mm cartridge
  • With rotary diverter
  • The diverter allows you to have three water outlets
  • Made of brass


  • Producer: Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • The built-in shower mixer body is included
  • Modern design
  • To install the built-in shower mixer, it is recommended to contact qualified personnel
  • Shower faucet maintenance tips: Regular cleaning and quick drying help prevent limescale stains. Do not use abrasive sponges or aggressive products.


  • polished chrome
  • brushed nickel (very similar to stainless steel)
  • shiny gold

IDEEARREDO.com - Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria authorized dealer.


Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetterie, based in Gozzano in the province of Novara, is a company founded in the 1950s by two brothers, Giovanni and Bruno Gaboli, now led by their children who manage it with the same passion and dedication as their parents.

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3-way shower faucet built-in mixers for shower Sophie Gaboli

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