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Are you looking for showers and showers for your bathroom? Then try to take a look at our section dedicated to shower heads. We offer high quality showers with and without water outlets, made and guaranteed by the Gaboli Fratelli company. Take advantage of our prices now: here are all the showers and shower kits on offer!

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Showers for showers: what they are and when they are needed

showers The pleasantness and pleasantness of a relaxing shower at the beginning or end of the day also depends on the functionality of the taps . A worn shower head, an impractical hand shower, supports and water outlets with hoses make the difference in the choice of furnishing the shower compartment. A shower head with the “wrong” dimensions in relation to the delivery capacity also entails a difficult regulation of the water and jet temperature, just as an inflexible hose makes cleaning the shower tray or bathtub more difficult. However, we must immediately clarify the types, since when we talk about shower we must distinguish between "shower head" and "hand shower" (or "hand shower") knowing that one does not exclude the other.

The shower head is usually installed high up, on the wall or on the ceiling. It is almost always combined with the hand shower which makes it easy to clean the shower itself and which is used for children or for those who only need to wash their hair without having to shower at the same time. The shower head is therefore part of the shower kit; it is always connected to a flexible tube and needs a support to hook it to.

If you want a complete shower kit, the solution is an external column with hand shower that includes the shower head, the practical hand shower (or hand shower), the sliding rod, the mixer and the diverter.

Types of shower heads

Shower The showers or showers for showers on the market are of different types . They are distinguished, first of all, by the materials with which they are made. First of all, the brass shower showers should be mentioned, indestructible but also aesthetically beautiful. The abs showers on the other hand can be an excellent economic alternative for a second bathroom or guest bathroom, but not only: the abs shower showers are also very light and you do not risk getting hurt (think of children or elderly people).

The shower heads also differ in the different finishes available. They can be polished chrome or satin with a stainless steel effect, sometimes with handles or decorations in white or colored ceramic, gilded or bronzed depending on the style.

The bathroom showers are also distinguished by their shapes (round, square or rectangular) and by the exit of the holes (anti-limescale shower hand shower, and asy cleaning , rubber coated). In summary, the types of shower heads are:

  • anti-limescale shower head;

  • hand shower round hand shower;

  • square shower head;

  • rectangular hand shower;

  • black hand shower.

Today, technology makes it possible to combine any type of shower head with smooth, glossy, chromed or satin hoses depending on the environment, also becoming design elements or at least with a pleasant aesthetic quality.

Shower telephone for a classic vintage bathroom

telephone shower In choosing the so-called shower telephone that best suits your needs, it will also be necessary to consider subjective factors such as personal taste as well as objective factors such as stylistic coordination with the rest of the bathroom furniture, but also the quality of the materials. For example, the classic shower telephone is suitable for a vintage-style bathroom, perhaps with the “ shower handset ” covered in white or bronze ceramic. The classic style does not mean giving up on innovation, because even a retro design allows you to choose anti-limescale materials to ensure the duration of the taps over time or to consider shapes and measures suitable for the connection dimensions, or to apply the jet delivery functions, how to choose flexible hoses from materials resistant to high temperatures, humidity and wear.

The classic shower phones for sale on are all made of brass to ensure excellent resistance over time.

Water outlets for a functional bathroom

intakes of water The water outlets are designed to complement the shower corner.

A water connection consists of a connection for the hose and a support for the built-in hand shower, but the latter element may also be missing. Usually the water outlets have the universal connection for the hose to facilitate replacement in case of wear and to make the water outlets adaptable to any shower hose.

It is important to select a single water outlet within the same collection as the shower faucet in order not to deviate too much from style and functions. Most of the water outlets are designed to have essential and clean lines.

Hand shower prices and offers on

shower showers Depending on the functions, the materials, the quality, the resistance, the finishes and the dimensions, the price variety of the shower heads ranges from 74 € to 118 €. On the choice is wide to satisfy your every need, to replace the whole kit or just a part of it. We can always find the best solution for you!