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In this section we present you with quality shower columns with a refined design. Discover the model that best suits your needs: shower columns are available equipped with a hand shower with a round, square or rectangular shower head. You can complete your shower column with an external or built-in shower mixer, or a shower unit. If you are a lover of classic furniture, you can choose between our models of classic and retro shower columns with an elegant design. The shower panels, on the other hand, or equipped columns, are an excellent solution for all those who love well-being. The shower panels are equipped with a mixer and shower head and are able to satisfy various functions, such as hydrotherapy. Choose 100% Made in Italy quality, choose a Gaboli Fratelli product. Modern and classic shower columns on offer at great prices.

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How to choose a shower column for the bathroom?

Here are some interesting tips to keep in mind when buying.

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The shower column is undoubtedly the most important element of a shower cabin: it is this accessory that satisfies and responds to our needs for hygiene and well-being.

After a busy day of work or a few hours in the gym, there is nothing better to do than relax in the shower.

In this section of our online catalog we want to present you the shower columns by Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria, an Italian manufacturer with over sixty years of experience in the bathroom taps sector.

The elements of a shower column

A bathroom column is generally composed of:

There are also corner shower columns , perfect for saving some space inside the cabin.

Materials of a shower column

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The shower columns in our catalog are made of brass or stainless steel .
The shower head of a shower column with shower head can be produced in steel, brass or in anti-limescale chromed abs.
The hand showers are also made of chromed abs or brass, especially the classic shower telephones with the characteristic white or chromed handle.

To choose a shower column for the bathroom correctly on you should indicate the type of mixer you are going to combine with your bathroom column. In fact, each model of shower column is normally available in three types based on the faucet you are going to assemble. So you can compose your bathroom as you wish, and we are able to meet your needs.

Let's see some examples of equipped shower columns:

  1. external shower column that is inserted inside the external shower mixer , for example HE360 shower column + Heos 3026 external shower mixer . In order not to be mistaken, check the article of the shower faucet, it must end in 26; the shower mixer has an upper connection for the insertion of the shower column.
  2. external shower column that is connected to the external shower mixer via a flexible hose, for example Class T360 round shower column + Mia 4225 external shower mixer . You can position the shower mixer wherever you prefer, Class T360 round shower column, to the right or left of the column shower. In order not to be mistaken, check the shower mixer: it should have a connection at the bottom for the shower column hose.
  3. external shower column that matches the built-in shower mixer or built-in shower group , for example classic shower column LI360 + Parentesi built-in shower mixer 2115 (or Livingstone 950 rear built-in shower group ). In order not to be mistaken, check the article of the outdoor shower faucet, it must end in 15.

But if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us , our customer service is fast and always available, at the landline during office hours and on WhatsApp even outside office hours.

Online offers shower column

In short, on IDEEARREDO you can find modern and design shower stands for sale at ultra advantageous prices, such as the black shower column . Black bathroom taps are one of the 2019 bathroom trends. Buy special taps online at!

For lovers of classic and vintage style we have retro shower columns. The old style shower columns are available in various finishes - bronze, gold, copper.

If, on the other hand, you are doing renovations and want to avoid masonry interventions, we have a solution designed specifically for these cases. These are shower columns with a high water connection. Unlike standard bathroom columns which normally have water inlet at the bottom, renovation shower columns have the water connection at the top , so you can replace your old shower head with a modern shower column.

Hydromassage shower panels

A shower panel is the ideal choice for all those who love technology and multifunctionality, it is a modern solution designed to complete the shower enclosure with style and elegance.

But what is it specifically about? A shower panel is an accessory suitable for supplying water installed inside the shower cabin or box and equipped with its own mixers. There are many types. In fact, on the market it is possible to find a wide range of shower panels of different formats and sizes, also available with hydrotherapy, hydromassage and many other functions. It is an original and innovative alternative to traditional shower columns, we could also define it more simply as a column equipped for shower or, according to its characteristics, a hydromassage shower column without external mixer .

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Structure and parts of a shower panel

A shower panel is characterized by a unique and compact structure ; its mixers allow you to choose and adjust the water jet according to your needs. In short, a very modern shower system in your home!

In the upper part of the structure there is the shower head (waterfall or rain) , also customizable according to the needs.

In addition, a shower panel also consists of hydromassage jets , installed on the panel at different heights, according to the type of massage they have to perform (for example on the legs, shoulders, back, etc.).

Another element of the shower panel is the hand shower, useful for rinsing and removing soap residues on the body more accurately.

You can combine the equipped shower column that you will choose with the other lines of bathroom taps on our online catalog: the result is guaranteed!

Online sale of shower columns

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