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If you have chosen to furnish your bathroom by installing a freestanding sink or bathtub, or freestanding bathtub, you will surely need to find a design solution for the taps too. If you want to combine elegance and practicality, you will certainly have to opt for the floor taps. On the market you can find the floor mixer that's right for you: from the most modern ones to the most classic ones for a retro style.

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Floor taps for a particular bathroom

floor taps The floor taps include floor-mounted taps designed to accompany free-standing bathtubs and washbasins, that is, in the center of the room. A floor mounted mixer consists of one or two columns about one meter high, the water spout, the control knob and, in the case of the floor mounted mixer for bathtubs, a hand shower with a hose. The installation of a floor tap must be carried out during the renovation works, before laying the tiles, and it is advisable to contact qualified plumbers .

The floor taps were created following the freestanding bathtubs and washbasins, to accompany them perfectly. This union allows you to find the location you prefer for the bathroom and design any space without compromise.

The floor taps offered on our site are all of excellent quality , they are manufactured in Italy with an exceptional raw material: brass ! This makes it a design product that is beautiful to look at, but also durable over time.

floor taps Thanks to the available finishes and different styles, the floor taps are perfect for both modern and more classic bathrooms. The floor mixers in hi-tech or minimal style are square and angular, with straight and decisive lines, in chrome, steel or nickel finish, usually with the single-lever mixer. The retro-style floor taps , on the other hand, look like antiques. In fact, they have many period and vintage details: two columns or legs on which they rise from the ground, two antique ceramic cross or lever knobs and the typical hand shower, the so-called telephone or shower handset.

In any case, the floor taps do not go unnoticed, but always capture the attention of those who enter the bathroom.

Why choose a floor-standing bathtub faucet

floor tap for bathtub As we have said, a floor faucet is the perfect companion for a free standing bathtub . So, when it comes to a tub that is installed in the center of the bathroom, or in any case far from a wall, the solution is to opt for a floor-standing tub faucet.

The floor-standing taps for bathtubs are made with one or two columns on which the tap, the spout to fill the bathtub, the hand shower with the hose and the bath-shower diverter, with button or lever, are located.

To install the floor taps already in the renovation phase, the systems must be prepared by arranging the hot and cold water connections and the tank drain.

Floor taps for washbasins for a design bathroom

floor tap But we are not just talking about bathtubs, in fact, there are also floor-mounted taps for washbasins that guarantee a high-impact optical effect and give your bathroom a truly “cover” look.

By choosing to install a pedestal sink in the center of the room (i.e. freestanding) you will be able to furnish the bathroom with a truly original style as well as aesthetically beautiful and practical to use. By combining the special floor mounted mixer for washbasin you will have the perfect solution that completes the furnishing of a refined and luxurious bathroom .

On our site there are both square floor taps and floor mixers with round section . So you can create a perfect match with your freestanding washbasin, whether it is cylindrical or square.

Are you looking for more extravagant bathroom ideas? Then you can choose a floor tap with remote control, such as the Heos 3057 or Heos 3058 models. In that case you will have an elegant spout that rises from the ground and the single-lever lever that is installed separately, recessed into the wall or on a surface .

The high quality of the materials with which the floor taps are manufactured on our e-commerce is designed to guarantee a new face to the bathroom over time.

Floor mixer price online on

floor mixer First of all, it should be noted that floor mixers are not a cheap product because they are design objects. Furthermore, they are made with a greater quantity of quality raw material, namely brass. The floor taps for sale on are produced in Italy , by the historic taps of Novara, - Gaboli Fratelli. is the official dealer of Gaboli Fratelli and guarantees professional assistance during the purchase and discounted prices for floor taps. For example, the Heos series floor mounted basin mixer at a price of approximately € 500, already discounted from the list price.

Of course this is just an example because on our e-commerce there are many floor taps perfect for both the classic bathroom and the modern bathroom: you just have to choose the one you like best!