Exposed shower mixer

Are you interested in buying an exposed shower mixer for your bathroom? Modern or retro? We have it all! In addition, the exposed shower valves are functional and easy to install. Browse our vast catalog of external shower taps and buy safely online at Here you will find the best prices on the web of external shower mixers by Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria. Products on offer and fast shipping!

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Exposed shower mixer

external shower mixer The external shower mixers, also called external mixers or external taps , as can be seen from their name, have the body of the mixer external to the wall.

The cold and hot water outlets are connected together by the mixer and remain visible; there is also a control knob for water supply.

A very practical solution, especially if you don't have particular space requirements.

The external shower mixer can have two different types of attachment to be connected to a shower column (the latter is not included because you could make different combinations "shower column + external mixer" according to your tastes ):

• standard connection, ie from below, in which the shower hose is usually inserted;

• inverted connection, ie at the top of the mixer, is designed for insertion under the shower column.

The final result in both cases is the shower column with external mixer .

External shower mixers for a modern and classic bathroom

external shower mixer External shower mixers are available in various designs . On you can find an external single-lever shower mixer , that is the one with a single lever to regulate the temperature and water flow, typical for the modern minimal style . These external shower mixers can have cylindrical or square shapes and a polished chrome finish ; very particular is also the brushed nickel finish which has the visual effect of stainless steel, which has been in great demand lately.

Alternatively, if you are a lover of classic or vintage style , you could opt for a retro external shower group with the typical cross or lever knobs with a white ceramic effect handle. A classic external shower mixer comes with more decorative details and a variety of finishes: Polished Gold, Copper, Antique Brass (also called Antique Bronze) , in addition to Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel, why not?

Why choose an external shower mixer

external shower mixersexternal shower mixers First of all, external shower mixers are faster and easier to install than built-in shower mixers. And cheaper too ! If you are satisfied with your current bathroom and just want a new shower, the economical choice would be to mount an external shower mix.

Concealed shower mixes can be more expensive to assemble and can damage existing tiling, but this doesn't affect external shower mixers as they can easily be installed on top of the tiles with minimal effort . External shower mixers are very suitable especially during maintenance work, with the internal pipes already installed and the tiles already laid.

It must be admitted that with the external shower taps the visual effect is not so clean and minimalist. An external shower mixer would be a little more "bulky" for the eyes. However, the economic advantage of an external shower mixer (and above all of the work to get them installed) is absolutely not to be discarded. Furthermore, offers you a vastness of external shower taps, we are sure that you will be able to find the external shower mixer you are looking for!

External shower mixer prices in our online catalog you will find external shower mixers on offer at very affordable prices - the best prices on the web! We guarantee 100% Made in Italy quality, immediate assistance and fast shipping !

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