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A bathtub tap is beautiful, but also functional. As the name suggests, the tub edge taps are mounted directly on the edge of the tub. The hoses and built-in parts remain hidden, giving the rim-mounted mixers a beautiful and clean look.

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Deck mounted bath taps: an elegant and modern accessory for today's bathroom

tub edge tap The tub edge tap has begun to enter our homes with the advent of bathtubs in composite materials (such as acrylic or light stone) that allow us to create products in various shapes, even the most unusual.

The bathroom is the place where you welcome in the morning or relax after a hard day by pampering yourself in a hot tub filled with foam. And for total relaxation, the bathroom must be as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

The bathtub is the main bathroom accessory. Lately, bathtubs have increasingly fitted the tub edge taps. The tub edge taps are made up of several elements; as a rule they are a mixer, a pull-out hand shower, a spout to fill the tub and a diverter. This type of tap hides the shower hose and the hot and cold water pipes, thus creating a neat and clean look .

Tub edge tap materials

The tub edge taps for sale on are signed by Gaboli Flli Rubinetteria. They are made of solid sanitary brass . Brass stands out for its robustness and durability of use. In addition, the chrome coating of the rim taps gives the models a noble sheen and excellent corrosion protection.

3 types of tub edge taps

The tub edge taps also differ in the number of holes:

  • 5-hole rim-mounted bath mixer - a very “accessorized” model. In fact, it consists of a faucet with two knobs (for hot and cold water) that take two holes, a spout to fill the tub (simple or waterfall), a pull-out shower and a diverter. In this combination there are both vintage and modern taps;
  • 4-hole bath tub tap . Everything remains unchanged as in the previous model (the spout, the hand shower, the diverter), except the faucet: a single-lever mixer that only needs a hole on the edge);
  • 3-hole bath tub mixer . It consists of a mixer, a diverter and a pull-out shower.

Waterfall rim taps

3-hole bath tub mixer4-hole rim mounted bath mixer5-hole rim mounted bath mixer

Among the taps on the edge of the tub, the waterfall edge tap stands out. They differ from other faucets by their wide, flattened mouth which forms a wide, flat stream of water. In the waterfall pool taps the water flows like in a mountain waterfall. The flow rate of a waterfall basin mixer is twice as high as that of traditional tap models. In spite of the high water consumption, the waterfall pool tap is popular and in demand. However, if you find water saving important, we recommend that you pay attention to other models.

Types of tubs for tub edge taps

tub edge taps The tub edge taps can be installed, with some precautions, on the tubs of different materials.

Various materials are more or less suitable for drilling. For example, bathtubs made of acrylic or a composite material (light stone, Corian ) are the most suitable for poolside taps as they are easier to drill. You cannot make holes on the edge of a cast iron or steel tank; in fact the tanks made of this type of material must come out already perforated by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to drill the enamelled tanks because the paint is prone to chipping and this can lead to corrosion.

Modern tub edge taps and classic or vintage tub edge taps

The stylistic variety of poolside taps is unlimited. There are more models in minimal or hi-tech style , with the typical finish in polished chrome, but also brushed nickel (with the effect of stainless steel). However, you can find (and are also required!) The vintage and retro style bathtub rim taps , with the typical finishes for the classic style: antique bronze (also called antique brass), gold, antique copper.

Assembling the tap on the edge of the tub

bathtub edge mixer To install a tub edge tap, make sure that the tub has a wide edge of at least 7 - 8 cm . After it is necessary to drill a few holes on the edge, from 2 to 5, this depends on the type of rim-mounted mixer chosen; the holes can be positioned at any distance from each other, even at different ends of the tank.

It might be useful to prepare a counterwall plasterboard between the tub and the bathroom wall. This will create a compartment in which to hide the built-in parts of the tub edge tap and its flexible hoses. In addition, this ensures convenient access to the mixer for any repair or replacement.

It is advisable to choose a convenient position for the tub edge tap where it will be easy to reach. A handy tub edge mixer will allow ease of use and comfort.

Important! It is recommended not to save on assembly costs and to contact qualified personnel . Correct fitting of the tub edge taps will ensure longevity and excellent performance of the tub edge mixer also in the future.

4 advantages of the tub edge taps

  1. Functionality . Filling the tub with a poolside mixer will now take much less time as the poolside spout delivers a powerful, even stream of water that enters the tub directly without splashing on the floor or walls.
  2. Elegant design . A bathtub with a sunken faucet on the edge has a modern and elegant look. The rim-mounted mixers are truly special and add a touch of originality to the bathroom.
  3. Compactness . A tap mounted on the edge of the tub takes up very little space. Installing the mixer on the edge of the tub saves functional space, which is particularly useful for a useful bathroom.
  4. Convenience and ease of use . In fact, poolside taps are easy to control and operate because they are literally at your fingertips.

Disadvantages of rim-mounted mixers

1. Possibility of rapid wear of the shower hose. In the models of the tub edge taps, the hand shower is removable and the shower hose is hidden under the edge of the tub. In daily use the hose is bent and extended and may wear out. Manufacturers compensate for this disadvantage with high-quality materials.

2. Hidden access to the recessed parts of the tub edge tap. It may be necessary to have access to the mixer for any repair or replacement. This can be solved by providing the inspection surface on which to mount the tap on the edge of the tub and entrust the assembly to specialized plumbers.

If you are hesitant about whether or not to buy the bathtub taps, we invite you to browse our catalog of bathtub taps, there you will find many traditional models at discounted prices . We are sure you will find what meets your requests!

rim taps prices

Bathtub taps prices

The price of the tub edge taps is usually higher than traditional tub taps. However, the choice of a poolside mixer will emphasize the taste of the landlord and make the bathroom environment original and aesthetically pleasing.

The price of the tub edge taps for sale on varies from 200 Euros to 900 Euros . Browse our catalog and safely buy Gaboli Fratelli rim taps at the best prices on the web!