Ceiling mounted spouts

The ceiling mounted spouts and taps give an elegant, but at the same time innovative design to the bathroom and represent a highly innovative choice compared to traditional taps. In these modern ceiling mounted sink taps, the water jet reaches your sink from above, possibly freestanding but also countertop.

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Ceiling mounted spouts, a novelty in a designer bathroom

ceiling taps Ceiling faucets are long spouts for delivering water from the ceiling. They usually include a remotely controlled mixer, which can be on the wall or on a countertop. The spouts, or pipes, of the ceiling taps can have a round or square section and perfectly match the freestanding washbasins.

The ceiling sink faucet has a standard size of 160 cm which is optimal for the ceiling heights of 270 cm (i.e. the Italian standard). In this way, the aerator, that is the end of the ceiling spout, is at a height of 110 cm from the ground, making it perfect for washbasins or bathroom vanity units which are usually installed at 80-85 cm from land.

Returning to the ceiling spout aerator, we would like to specify that a concealed aerator is used as standard in the Gaboli Fratelli ceiling taps, so that the aesthetics of the ceiling taps always remain clean and free of additional elements.

Finally, the cover rose at the top of the ceiling is telescopic and gives an added value to the design of the ceiling taps by also solving many problems of protruding connection.

Ceiling taps, selection guide

ceiling faucet When choosing a ceiling faucet, you have to pay close attention to the material with which it is built because it must be durable over time. In this case, the recommended material is brass because it guarantees both resistance and quality for the taps.

The water system connection to be prepared for the installation of a ceiling tap is the classic ½ GAS female which must be rigidly embedded in the ceiling and normally must not protrude below the finished one.

In the case of plasterboard or non-cement finishes, the rigidity of the ceiling tap attachment must always be guaranteed as the length involves a certain "lever" that must be supported; in other words, if the support is not rigid, the ceiling spout will tend to move.

In the design phase it must be remembered that the sink together with the ceiling tap must always remain close to a vertical wall. This is because the remote-controlled mixer must allow the pipes to make the shortest possible route to avoid delays in the arrival of the water that starts from the lever control of the mixer and runs through the pipe and then reaches the spout on the ceiling .

Precisely for all these particularities, for the installation of ceiling taps we recommend that you contact a specialized plumber.

Ceiling mounted taps online prices on IDEEARREDO.com

ceiling faucetceiling tap Normally ceiling mounted bathroom taps cost more both for the greater amount of material that is used for their construction, and because they are very particular design elements.

On our site IDEEARREDO.com, however, you will find already discounted ceiling taps with different price ranges depending on the finish you choose. You can therefore opt for: polished chrome, brushed nickel (aesthetically similar to stainless steel), shiny gold, bronze and copper, and a series of opaque colors (or matt): opaque black, opaque white, opaque cream, opaque dove gray, bordeaux matt, matt bronze, matt gold, matt nickel and matt black nickel. Many finishes to satisfy all the design choices you want to make.

Our proposals are all from the Gaboli Fratelli faucets company, the manufacturing company, and therefore you will have the possibility to request customizations such as, for example, in the case of the height of a spout. In fact, on our website, on request, it is also possible to order ceiling vents of other sizes, with a maximum limit of 180 cm.