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Built-in shower mixer: a variety of models for a minimal shower

built-in shower mixer A built-in shower mixer leaves only the shower mixer knob installed on a plate visible. All we see are just the hot and cold water taps (or a single mixer), a shower head or hand shower (sometimes even both), hydromassage jets or side shower heads. Everything else is hidden inside the wall, the external appearance remains very clean . Very often built-in shower mixers are used to furnish a bathroom with a minimal style , but not only. For example, the built-in shower mixer could be a perfect choice to highlight the tiles and other finishing materials used: today they are real works of art and have a high cost, it would be a shame to hide the bathroom coverings behind a shower column. bulky.

Furthermore, the concealed shower mixer is also available in the concealed shower mixer version with diverter (with multiple outlets), but also without diverter. The diverter for different outlets has been designed according to the accessories you want to insert such as hand shower, shower head, hydromassage jets, etc.

The built-in shower mixers are available in a wide range of designs to underline and highlight any style of the bathroom. The chrome and glossy finish of the shower faucet integrates perfectly with any type of furniture and the solid brass structure guarantees a long life of the shower mixers. Modern and minimal style shower faucet handles or levers can be square or round, while a classic, vintage and retro shower knob features more decorative details. For a classic and timeless look it is advisable to opt for a built-in shower mixer with cross handles.

In the event of a need for repair, the handles of the concealed shower mixer can be removed, allowing access to the cartridges.

built-in shower mixer

Components of a built-in shower mixer

A very often concealed shower mixer consists of the following components:

external parts (the plate and the handle that remain visible);

internal parts (the block that is recessed into the wall and is not visible; the cartridges and headworks are hidden there)

The internal parts and the external parts must match, although quite often manufacturers create a universal built-in body that adapts to the external parts of different series.

Furthermore, it is necessary to check if the internal parts are already included in the built-in shower mixer or if they must be purchased separately. All the built-in shower faucets signed by Gaboli Fratelli also include the internal built-in parts , it is not necessary to purchase them separately.

How to mount a shower mixer on the wall

With all the advantages of a concealed shower mixer, from a technical point of view, its installation is more complicated and takes more time than a traditional (i.e. external) mixer.

The main difficulty here is that it is necessary to mount the concealed shower mixer body and prepare the plumbing for the shower at the initial stage of the work , before laying the tiles. So you need to have the internal parts of the built-in shower mixer available first; the external plates and the shower knobs can also be placed afterwards, when the tiles have already been laid.

Built-in shower mixer height

built-in shower mixer At what height should the concealed shower mixer be installed?

Generally a concealed shower mixer is mounted within a range of approximately 90-100 cm in height from the floor. We can also adjust this interval according to our height.

The required depth of installation is usually around 10 cm. A built-in shower allows you to have a less protruding shower mixer.

Furthermore, attention must be paid to the right direction of the built-in body . The right side should be facing right, the top should be facing up, and so on.

IMPORTANT : it is necessary to pay close attention and rigor when assembling the concealed shower mixer. It is necessary to check the tightness of the entire system and follow the assembly instructions and technical data sheet for built-in shower mixer. We strongly recommend that you contact specialized personnel to have a built-in shower mixer installed as a small assembly error can lead to serious consequences (need to disassemble the tiles) and compromise the operation of your built-in shower.

5 reasons to opt for a built-in shower mixer (designers and architects will love the first two!):

a built-in shower mix creates a very clean and minimalist shower environment . All the pipes are hidden, only essential elements remain visible. Water becomes the protagonist of the bathroom.

a built-in shower mixer allows greater flexibility and customization in the position of the shower taps (shower head, hand shower, hydromassage jets). This opens up a freedom of action for the designer or architect, who can arrange the elements of the shower taps where they see fit, creating a personalized and functional shower environment.

the built-in shower mixers have a wide range of styles and variants available. A built-in single-lever shower mixer or a two-handle faucet, round or square built-in showers, modern or vintage, with or without diverter ... We have a really vast catalog of built-in shower taps!

concealed shower mixers are perfect for small bathrooms where they allow you to make the most of limited space. It can be difficult to use a small shower space with an external mixer as you could easily bump into the faucet while showering, hurting yourself or reducing the water pressure or accidentally changing the temperature. A built-in shower mixer allows you to maximize space and avoid such problems.

the built-in shower mixers are practical and easy to clean . Of course! With a built-in shower hidden in the wall, you have less surface to clean.

Built-in shower mixer prices

built-in shower mixer The price of a built-in shower mixer can range from 45 Euros to almost 1,000 Euros (built-in thermostatic shower mixer) , but even more. The price depends on the technical characteristics of the mixer, on the materials and finishes used and also on the design of the built-in shower mixer.

For example, a simple built-in shower mixer without diverter in the chrome finish (basic product) costs less than 50 Euro , while a built-in shower mixer with 3-way diverter with a modern design (therefore of high performance and greater value) rises in price and it costs more than 200 Euros in the polished chrome finish and almost 300 Euros in brushed nickel .

As we have seen, different finishes can also affect the cost of built-in shower mixers. In fact, a built-in shower mixer in the widespread chrome finish costs less than the same bronzed or golden mixer. The antique brass, copper, gold finishes are typical for classic taps, so if you choose a classic bronzed built-in shower mixer, it will cost more than its chromed "twin brother" .

The design of the built-in shower faucets also counts and carries a higher price. But the designer shower mixers will make your bathroom stand out and make it unique and special.

We add that the built-in shower mixer body is already included in the price of the Gaboli Fratelli Rubinetteria built-in shower mixers.

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