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Not everyone knows how comfortable bidet showers can be. This element can be installed in any type of bathroom because it represents a very innovative solution to manage smaller spaces. For example, in a service bathroom, bidet showers are ideal for ensuring excellent hygiene. When the hygienic showers are placed next to the toilet, they allow the person to be cleaned in the same way as a traditional bidet.

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Bidet showers, what they are and what they are for

bidet showers If you have decided to buy a hygienic hand shower for your bathroom, you must consider some important factors: first of all the quality of the materials used for their construction. The hygienic showers are designed to replace the classic bidet in use and, therefore, must be durable to allow prolonged resistance over time. Hygienic bidet showers must resist humidity and limescale which are two problems that are found in every bathroom.

But how does the shower instead of the bidet work ? The bidet shower must be installed to a water outlet and if the bidet is present, it can be connected to its tap. Otherwise, you can connect to the sink or shower. It is also necessary to analyze what power the jet has, in fact, the bidet shower must adapt to the water pressure to allow you to have a delicate jet that is ideal for intimate hygiene.

Shower instead of bidet: first of all comfort

There are some peculiarities that should not be underestimated when buying a hygienic hand shower with mixer or without. For example, you must always make sure that the hose has the right length, maximum 150 cm, to use the bidet shower in a comfortable way.

bidet shower Other important features are those concerning the wall support and the handle of the bidet shower which should be ergonomic and comfortable. We can still mention the water jet which should be well directed and delicate with a button that allows the water to be shut off easily.
The hygienic showers proposed on the site concentrate all these features with a wide choice of options to match them perfectly to the style of your own bathroom. We are sure that on our e-commerce you will be able to find a model of bidet shower heads that you like to mount it even in a smaller bathroom making it functional.

Bidet shower for the disabled

All these features make this tool ideal for use in a disabled bathroom. In fact, the bidet showers for the disabled allow you to practice a comfortable personal hygiene without moving from the toilet seat.

The handicapped bidet shower is also convenient when the presence of a second person is required to assist those who need it in a practical and easy way.

The elements of a hygienic hand shower and assembly

bidet showers As we have said, the perfect hygienic hand shower must be composed of some specific elements that cannot be missing such as:

  • the hand shower itself equipped with a button to release a delicate jet of water perfect for personal cleaning (unlike hydrobrushes, that is, toilet showers, which have a powerful jet to remove dirt);

  • the flexible. The length of the hygienic shower hose should not exceed 1.5 meters. It is better to avoid that the hose touches the ground when the bidet shower is hooked to the support;

  • the water outlet with the wall bracket. The recommended height for the support is 60-80 cm from the ground;

  • the single-lever mixer to adjust the water power. The mixer can be incorporated in the bidet shower or installed separately. If the mixer is not included, you can choose between different models of built-in single-lever shower mixers, both traditional and thermostatic.

For the assembly of the bidet shower, we recommend that you contact highly qualified personnel and specialized plumbers, especially since the recessed wall works will be necessary. The bidet shower must be mounted near the toilet to ensure ease of use.

Bidet shower prices and offers on

bidet hand shower Within our e-commerce you will find numerous bidet showers. For example, the 749H bidet shower, produced by the company Gaboli Fratelli, is equipped with every comfort required and represents an alternative solution in the absence of the traditional bidet, or it can also be used as a handicapped bidet shower. The list price for the basic model is discounted by 50% and is € 170.00 in the standard polished chrome finish, but of course the prices vary according to the available finishes. In fact, each of our products can be customized according to the furnishing of your bathroom, both in terms of style (classic or modern), and in terms of the finishes available.